Friday, November 25, 2011

Fruitful Friday but in balance

I don't know why I go on about the variety of things that happen on Fridays - that is what always happens - so it is not really all that new for me to say that the day has been 'chockers' with activity and variety: walk, coffee, work-work, community follow up stuff, fellow artist  Jo Murray visiting the studio with friends, doing art, mowing the grass and weeds and Fiona's best friend arrived for the weekend - so we had to do drinks on the deck etc etc.

Jo's visit was good on two levels: it is good to share studio time with fellow artists and it is closer to Christmas so people might want to buy stuff. In fact several bowls, leaves and Bazola earrings went 'out the studio door'. Big thanks to Jo. To keep the balance I used some time last night and my Friday afternoon to create 3 bowls and a couple of leaves.

Barry Smith © Bowls and leaves - keeping things in balance
It always fascinates me that the annealed and beaten metal can start out so scaly and burnt.

Barry Smith © Silver plated-copper bowl - in the rough
Barry Smith © Small brass palm bowl  - in the rough
But with a bit of buffing and polishing they can turn into things of beauty.

Barry Smith © Silver plated-copper bowl - polished with copper showing through
Barry Smith © Silver plated-copper bowl - spooky how the bowl merges with the timber 
Barry Smith © Small brass palm bowl - polished
Couldn't resist photographing the leaves on our wood chopping block and with a bit of foliage in the background.
Barry Smith © Silver plated leaf and wood
Barry Smith © Silver plated leaf and foliage background
Barry Smith ©Brass leaf and wood
Barry Smith ©Brass leaf and foliage
So 'all in all' the day was in balance - three bowls sold - three bowls made.


  1. It was lovely to see your 'stuff' Barry and learn more about the various processes. Thanks for the link.

  2. the more i work, the more i savor each step - its aesthetic result... lately, i have a very hard time polishing things up... i love the story told by the fire... but no one polishes like you! and your finished work makes the work involved look like alchemy...

  3. Perfect balance - if only we could get that harmony in life every day - but I think the real harmony comes from the gratification of taking something 'with potential' and bringing out it's 'best' xoxoxo

  4. Oh such shiny beauties! Good to sell some wares and to have visitors, always breaks up the routine. Really Loving the bowls.

  5. That brass leaf is a new highlight - wonderful! I can see that your leaves are really inspired by nature. And I love the photo of the turned over bowl on the wood block - that image is incredible.

  6. the leaves look 'right' on the block.

  7. JM, MD, N, SZQ, S/R & V- thanks for positive feedback. When all else seems dull creating a few leaves and bowls bring joy. JM - you are welcome. MD - thanks re polishing - you comment made me reflect on the fact that I do put a bit of effort into that - it does transform pieces. S/R - that bowl photo is unusual - the two seem to merge into one. V- the texture of the two suit each other. Go well. B

  8. such beautiful photos B. it's always a joy to come back into blogland after a break and visit you. your place is so meditative and serene. not to mention, filled with beauty. it's like a retreat after hectic days ...


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