Sunday, November 13, 2011

Public art we saw in Perth

Whilst in Perth Fiona and I continued out early morning ramblings in search of coffee, exercise and the art of the city in the soft light and peace of early morning. Though the light is not always good for clear photos.

We came across some fairly major and large pieces of work including: the large red ribbon (my title for it); a group of people; and a group of kangaroos.

Barry Smith © People in the morning light and shadows
Barry Smith © Now I call that a red ribbon of steel
Barry Smith © Kangaroos in iron
But what I liked best was a group of 10 smaller bronze works tucked away between buildings.  Below are some fragments of the detail of the works.

Barry Smith © Bronzes between the buildings
Barry Smith © Magical  bronze apple
Barry Smith © Apple stork 
Barry Smith © Flying dog on the apple
Barry Smith © Inquisitive bird?
Barry Smith © Small bird in the branches
Barry Smith © Tree against the blue
Barry Smith © Pod?
I also liked this drain cover.

Barry Smith © Drain
We discovered a formal sculptural work that was mounted on a marble and Corten steel base - beautiful rust - but that will have to wait until later. All photos were taken with the iPhone.


  1. Those bronzes are truly magical. And I love the kangaroos...

  2. Definitely agree, those small bronzes and drain cover are wonderful.. what a treat. I can't remember the last time I saw public art that I really loved, but, then again, I'm not in the city that much, out here, the public art is pretty stunning - mosses and sunsets and such!

  3. you saw some real beauties... like you and the others, those bronzes are really something - thank you for sharing the detail on the magical apple... and the inquisitive bird is pretty fabulous...

  4. what amazing public art.. I especially like the drain cover too.. like endless circles spiraling out toward something new

  5. Oh, I definitely agree with you those would have been my pic also. Love the bird & the apple.

  6. wow!! what great photos! amazing how much art there is free for all to admire isn't it? i wonder if people pay attention to them or just walk by without even noticing.

    LOVE the apple!!

  7. well, barry, i think i like the drain cover best, and some of the marks on the little bronzes. i like how you and fiona take advantage of enjoying public art.

  8. S/R, VA, MD, D, SZQ & L - one of the things I have enjoyed about our mad work-travel schedule over the last 6 weeks - it has been a privilege to see some public community art in diverse places in Australia. And I have loved capturing fragments - in the past I often failed to see the effort the artists put into creating the detail, the texture and the patina of works. D & SZQ - I had to smile - yes we all love the art - hmmm!! but the drain is special - sometimes functional art can have such beauty. I hope I continue to keep my art eyes open and appreciate what others try to show me. Go well. B


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