Wednesday, November 30, 2011

A 'Burst' of Bazola bits

We had Fiona's best friend Sue visiting last weekend - it is always a good to have her visit - amongst other things she helps us to see our world in refreshed or new ways including spending more time on the southern deck watching the sun go down with a glass of white wine in the hand.

But Sue is also an admirer and buyer of Bazola jewellery. Noela had dropped off a few pieces she had 'in stock' for Sue to check out. She bought a few sets of earrings - so it made me realise I needed to make Noela another stash. So the burst of Bazola bits below was beaten and polished.

Barry Smith © Burst of Bazola bits
Just for fun and friendship I made the simple copper earrings below for Sue as she had admired the forms. They are very light - almost like stiff old crinkled copper paper.

Barry Smith © For Sue
Below are some shots of some of the Bazola burst bits up closer.

Barry Smith © Silver plated Bazola bits
Barry Smith © Copper Bazola bits
Barry Smith © Brass Bazola bits
Barry Smith © Yet more EPNS Bazola bits
Barry Smith © Burnt copper Bazola bit
Barry Smith © Copper fan Bazola bit
Barry Smith © Copper double foldformed Bazola bit

I never tire of what I can make from the scraps of recycled metal. The red colour on the silver plate was a reflection of my t-shirt - indicates the high polish on the bits.  I delivered the bits to Noela on Monday when we hung the COMA exhibition in a local coffee shop. So I guess we will await some more finished Bazola creations.


  1. It must be immensely satisfying looking at what you have created from your recycled metal stash. My heart skipped a beat seeing it all laid out ready for the next phase.

  2. A great new stash for inspirational adding to - thanks Baz - new ideas pending xoxox

  3. You have been busy! They're all quite beautiful. All with that beauty that can only be achieved by recycled scraps. Good/Old Friends ~ well... they are the best. Nice Job, Barry!

  4. The Bazola bits are fabulous - always! Very interesting fold forms. I will get back to you about the f.shibuichi...

  5. R, N, SZQ & S/R - glad you dropped by a commented on the stash - thanks. R and SZQ- you are right I get heaps of satisfaction out of turning trash into treasure. N- glad you are up to the challenge. S/R - when making a stash it can be hard not to repeat too many forms. Look forward to the f.shibuichi. Go well. B

  6. You have turned these odds and ends of recycled metal into real treasures! I really love all the folds and textures and subtle colors. Gorgeous!

  7. Oh, oh, oh..... my hear is beating fast. Such beauty, just made for my ears! Love those folded bits.

  8. Delicious and creative compositions, beautiful colors and textures of copper. Saludos.

  9. OMG - these are SO gorgeous and textural. I just love what you do. Visiting from Jo's site where she recommended you as one of her favorite artists - I can see why!! I'll be back....


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