Friday, December 2, 2011

At dawn - after the storm

Yesterday afternoon we had a storm that dropped over 50mm (2inches) of rain on us in about an hour - overflowing gutters and tanks; wind and rain swirling from all directions. But this morning it was calm, clear, cloudy and cool.

As you can see from the photo below the valley was still filled with rain filled cloud - but provided a great backdrop to the beauty and freshness of the Frangipani.

Barry Smith © Frangipani and valley dawn
Because of the wind and rain there was a lot of leaf and blossom fall.

Barry Smith © Nature creates a purple zen garden
The warm weather and rain has brought the creeping weeds out in their glory.

Barry Smith © The brilliance of weeds and their seeds
Barry Smith © The brilliance of weeds 2
And of course the fungi are re-emerging.

Barry Smith © Fungi - old gives way to the new
Barry Smith © Wood, stone and fungi
But then so are the flowers on our block including the Bougainvillaea and Frangipani.

Barry Smith © Bougainvillaea after the storm
Barry Smith © Frangipani after the storm

All photos were taken with the iPhone and are untouched.

Oh!! And by the way I know there is a great giveaway on Fiona's blog - only a couple more days  to go - so check it out here.


  1. That weed is beautiful. We have ton of Bougainvillea here also - No I didn't steal it from down under. ;). I think you need one of these for your phone!

  2. These flowers are beautiful pictures with amazing colors, great.

  3. That I-phone is doing a great job Barry, so much so that I am awarding you the "Liebster" award. You can check the getails out on my latest blog.

  4. Absolutely stunning images! The colors are vivid....what a great photographer you are as well!

  5. Gorgeous - I wish our weeds were that splendid - I would just let them take over the garden...

  6. Barry,

    The photographs and beautiful and crisp, and they make me dream of a far away spring.

    What are the purple petals in the second shot, Wisteria?

    Wishing all the best to you and Fiona from a very chilly Vermont!


  7. And the first time I visit your blog and really liked what I saw. Some flowers that are very similar to those that exist in Brazil.
    Thanks for sharing.


  8. SZQ, L, JM, CM, S/R, BS, RMA & V - glad you enjoyed the dawn walk and nature's display, SZQ - I am amazed about the similarities between OZ and AZ - spooky - makes me want o visit. L& CM - correct the colours are so vivid - just nature grabbing our attention. S/R it is said that weeds are just flowers-plants in the wrong place - I agree if they were not so overtaking it would be good to have them as flowers in the garden. BS - the purple flowers are from the Jacaranda tree - massive amount of blossoms. Glad you and G have arrived safely even though a little chilly. RMA - I agree - after looking at you photos there are many shared plants.. V - yes wow!!. Go well. B


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