Friday, December 30, 2011

Fourteen iPhoneography Favourites on Friday

Since April of 2011 I embarked on a journey to take photos with my iPhone; and alter some of those shots that appealed with iPhone apps. There are a number of the photos scattered through my blog but I thought I might celebrate the journey so far by sharing a few of my favourites.

Originally there were to be ten photos but, as Fiona says, in the spirit of indecisiveness I have settled on fourteen - after all there is a phonetic likeness with iPhoneography and Friday.

Barry Smith © Gum leaf after rain-  Pirlangimpi
Barry Smith © Hawk against storm clouds - Pirlangimp1
Barry Smith © Grass seeds - Umbakumba
Barry Smith © "Ghost dozer"  - Umbakumba

Barry Smith © Monoliths at dawn - 601MVR
Barry Smith © Ken's paper stack
Barry Smith © Sand wash - Rainbow Beach
Barry Smith © Mattress springs and dog print - Rainbow Beach
Barry Smith © Moth on the door - 601 MVR
Barry Smith © Collected feather  - 601 MVR
Barry Smith © Metal feather - 601 MVR
Barry Smith © Storm clouds on the Glasshouse Mountains

Barry Smith © Spider's web at dawn - Treehaven Way
Barry Smith © Poppy reflected in the kitchen window @ 601 MVR

I think the photos, in the main, demonstrate that I like contrasts - guess we will see where 2012 takes me on this journey.

Wishing all the best in 2012 - joy, peace, fulfilment, creativity and daring. 


  1. love them all, but I have to admid the feather is my favourite!

  2. Can't say which is my favourite in this lot - they are all special.
    May the New Year bring you all you wish for and continuing inspiration. I look forward to seeing where your journey will go from here.

  3. ~good morning my dear friend...i see that your creativity has wandered down many paths this year! these are wonderful photos...i am amazed at what phones can do now days...i hope you and fiona had a blessed holiday and i wish you only the best in this coming year...i look forward to playing catch up in the days well and much love light and blessings shining brightly upon you and yours~

    p.s...i thank you greatly for being a constant this past year...sending forth your blessings and well wishes...though i have been quite, they were greatly appreciated...

  4. this is a strong portfolio, barry. very nice.

  5. You have produced some fabulous images Barry. Thos storm clouds have such bulk.

  6. love to see the world through your phone and artistic touch!

    lovely 2012 to you and Fiona!

  7. M, S/R, FW, V,JM & T - thanks all for comments as 2011 comes to a close. M-glad the feather is a favourite. FW - so good to have you visit and comment. Have missed you friend. V&JM - you are only encouraging me to continue to shoot away with the iPhone. T - thanks for your encouragement and support. All - may 2012 be good for all of us - and I so look forward to continuing to be inspired by all of you and others of our blog community. Go well. B

  8. Beautiful pictures, I like these beautiful compositions full of light and creativity. I wish you a happy 2012.


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