Wednesday, December 28, 2011

Blissful coffee and other stuff on the block

Back in September I posted on our coffee harvest for this year (about 3kgs). Given we have a bit more time on our hands now our work-work project is finished for now,   we are now doing the husking, sorting, roasting, grinding, brewing and drinking of the coffee that has travelled 50m across the block - zero food miles!!!

Barry Smith © Coffee blossom
I thought I'd share a few photos of the process and end result. First the beans dried and ready for husking.
Barry Smith © Dried coffee beans with husks on
Husking using a small hand operated machine.

Barry Smith © Husking 
Barry Smith © Hand operated husker
The green de-husked and roasted beans.

Barry Smith © Green coffee beans 
Barry Smith © Roasted coffee beans
The beans above were roasted for 15 minutes at 245F. The cup of coffee made from these beans tasted smooth but a little light - needs more edge - will do 17 minutes next time.

Barry Smith © Green bananas off the block
Barry Smith © Ripening bananas 
We have also been busy with our bananas - harvested a couple of bunches - and of course with the warm weather they have all ripened over the last week. So we have been: eating them - frequently; giving them away by the dozen; baking with them - banana bread and muffins (Fiona); drying them (Barry); and making banana jam (Fiona).

Barry Smith © Fiona's excellent banana jam
Fiona has asked me to refrain from using the 'b' word in the house for a little while.


  1. lol.... Yes too many b's could have that effect, but I'm so impressed with all the harvesting, roasting, brewing, baking etc. that I'm feeling quite envious. Never tried B jam before but I bet it's delicious.

  2. You two are so industrious. I don't think I could live on bananas and coffee tho'.

  3. Hello, Barry.

     I was given many crops from your glorious works.
     We are far distantly each other, but this human interchange has cultural significance.

     Thank you for your heartwarming message and many visit, in this year.
     I thank for your encouragement for Japan.

     Healthy and Happy new years for you and yours.

    Close spring, ruma ❀

  4. Who knew it was so hard to get a cup of coffee! How fun to actually have a cup of YOUR OWN!


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