Friday, December 23, 2011

Friday fragments

Whilst I have had the opportunity to do some art related stuff today it has mostly been background work like: make a wooden cutting v for jewellery work; putting a new blade into the bandsaw and make sure it is working safely; cleaning the workbench again after a long time; and cutting up metal - finding 'found' earrings in the edges and handles of trays.

So on this Friday I wanted to post a few Christmassy type photos and send wishes of peace and joy across the globe; and share a few photos from my morning walk.

Some iPhone photos of a Christmas tree in City Hall Square in Brisbane - naked and altered; and my own little tree made of anodised aluminium leaves - altered.

Barry Smith © Altered detail of the Christmas tree
Barry Smith © Christmas tree in city square Brisbane
Barry Smith © Christmas tree in city square Brisbane - altered
Barry Smith © Altered leaf Christmas tree 1
Barry Smith © Altered leaf Christmas tree 2
And some photos from this morning's walk - after over night rain.

Barry Smith © Cluster of micro fungi
Barry Smith © Garden escapees on the roadside
Barry Smith © Jacaranda blossoms on the road
Barry Smith © Fungi on Pine tree
Barry Smith © Tiny tendrils on pine bark 
Barry Smith © Rose on our block
Barry Smith © After the rain - droplets on petals
We have had some persistent rain showers today. Hope it fines up for the Neighbourhood Centre's Community Christmas breakfast on Sunday.

Wishing all a happy, safe, joy-filled and peace-filled Christmas.

And for those who haven't seen it there is still a little time to take part in the 400th post giveaway that will be draw on Christmas Day.


  1. lovely, barry, i like your play with the photos! and your morning walk, with treasures found.

  2. Happy Christmas Barry. That phone certainly is worth its weight....

  3. Best of the New Year and the season to you both. Beautiful dew on the rose.

  4. B - Hope you and F have a beautiful Christmas, your having fun with your iphone camera, you've fot some stunning images going on there... Kim x

  5. Love the image of your anodized leaf tree.
    Wishing you a peaceful Christmas.

  6. I wish you and yours a lovely holiday seasons as well.
    wishing you joy, health, love each and every day.


  7. A Christmas tree charm and originality. Great pictures I love those flowers.
    Barry I wish you all the best during the holidays to you and those around you. Thank you very much for sharing the beauty of your photos.


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