Wednesday, December 21, 2011

Yee-hah!! what a gift - peace

The mail delivery contained a special package for me - a gift from SooZeQue - junk 'resurrectionist' extraordinaire. As you can see from the photo below the package contained two of my favourite things: rust and peace. I was veerrry excited when I opened the package.

Barry Smith  Rusted on Peace by SooZeQue
When I looked at this beautiful and generous gift the thought that jumped into my mind, apart from thanks Soozeque, was that this piece could be called Rusted on Peace as in  - the aspiration and actions for peace just won't go away. And thanks SZQ - this piece of art will find a home on a 'timber monolith' (my new name for my 'timber and rust posts') on our block.

And of course given the generosity of artists there was more. A pure copper peace symbol that will patina beautifully.

Some of SZQ's special historic railway nails.

And copper offcuts including this one with rainbow edges.

SZQ - thanks for the gift of peace - may it be something we all attempt to attain and share. Rust lovers and recyclers will find SZQ's blog and website an inspiration - I love the creativity of the resurrected shovels and barrows; but also just love the rusted pick-up trucks etc.


  1. The peace symbol seems appropriate at the moment, showing my age and listening to Cat Stephens after a lovely day a good meal and watching the lights over the sea. Have a great Christmas and may the New Year bring you both joy.

  2. WOAH!!!!! that is SUPER gorgeous!!! what a wonderful gift from a wonderful lady :) super super heart!!

  3. Thanks Barry! Peace ~ someday I hope we all share in that joy. Glad you can put it all to good use. Looking forward to the Peace Tree Collaboration.

  4. How wonderful and I love the name, Rusted On Peace! Thanks for the link to a cool artist!

  5. A wonderful gift Barry, both the thought and the piece itself. Those extra bits will soon be part of another masterpiece for sure. Peace to you both for the Season.

  6. What could be more wonderful than a gift of peace? Seriously wonderful!!

  7. Wow, gorgeous gifts. Love epecially these nails.

    Merry Christmas to you and yours; may the New Year keep you safe, healthy, and creating more art so I can continually be inspired.

    Gaby xo

  8. Barry,

    The Blogger community is such a beautiful thing! These works are the same.

    Wishing you much peace and love for the holidays and into the coming year!


  9. K, P, L, SZQ, CM, JM, S/R & GB - I have always admired SZQs intricate cutting work - so good to have a piece of the work - creates connections. P - I had to smile about CS and looking out to sea - idyllic. SZQ - may 2012 see the beginning of out Tree of Peace - I think some people who commented could be enticed to contribute. CM = glad you liked the connection to SZQ. JM - we will see what happens with the scraps. S?R - even the wish for peace is a great gift for me. GB - thanks for support throughout the year. All may the Christmas period be filled with joy and peace. B


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