Sunday, December 11, 2011

Brights things for Christmas

When one gets into a bit of production mode it can feel a little less rewarding as you can feel you are just turning out multiples of objects. In part that is how I have felt over the last week or so. I have been creating enough pieces so if people ring and want to buy unique handmade gifts for Christmas there are enough pieces in the display cabinet for them to choose from.

However, given the one off recycled nature of the materials I work with I can often put a unique spin on things; and still feel good about the creative process. Testing bowl making with anodised aluminium without totally ruining the colour and soft metal has given me an energising challenge.

Barry Smith © Focal word on palm meditation bowl
I have been making a few bowls for different purposes. And I have played with bowls made from the square and round.

Palm-handheld meditation bowls. Many of my palm-handheld meditation bowls have focal words stamped into the rim. Some are plain if people simply want to find the silence.

Barry Smith © Blue anodised aluminium foldformed bowl 
Barry Smith © Focal word on bowl palm meditation bowl
Barry Smith © Silver anodised beaten aluminium palm bowl 
"A Word-a-Day" bowls - couple are highly polished, therefore photographer is reflected in the photo. These bowls are about 75mm (3inches) across

Barry Smith © "A Word-a-Day" bowls 
Barry Smith © Foldformed copper  bowl on the square
Barry Smith © Back of foldformed copper bowl on the square

Barry Smith © Beaten brass bowl on the square.
Words for: the "a Word-a-Day" bowls ; and Inspiration in Your Pocket pieces.

Barry Smith © Words, beautiful inspirational words
Barry Smith © Words, beautiful inspirational words
The words always look full of energy and giving when they are heaped.


  1. Inspiring forms, beautiful patinas. I love the dream bowl... happy creating, I'm waiting with baited breath to move into my new studio, seal floor, paint walls, build shelves and go back to WORK!

  2. Great work Barry. Perhaps you could add another word to your collection..."inspire"... as that is how you affect others.

  3. Those copper bowls are to die for! Love the patina's on all of them. Now I wish I would of bought the hand made stamped steel letters I saw at an estate sale... Although I did grab enough to say SooZeQue!

  4. Your meditation bowls are so fascinating - love the blue anodised ones.

  5. VA, JM, SZQ, MIA, AM,& S/R - thanks for the positive feed back - always good when one has come through a production phase. VA - I can just imagine you excitement about your new studio - looking forward to the final photos. SZQ - wow!! hand made letter stamps - hmm!! not sure I could have left with so few - but great you got your moniker. MIA & AM - glad you like. S/R - striking blue isn't it - I cut a piece out of an old anodised bread bin two friends picked up anf gave me - it means I will have enough material for a few different bowls. Go well and create well. B

  6. loooove your artworks,
    congrats and thanks for make me dream!!!

    the first one is really lovely!

    a big hug,

  7. B ... what a wonderful collection of bowls. i love the square copper one, perhaps becos of the gorgeous richness of it. the silver one actually looks like there's a piece of silver fabric wrapped over the bowl! it looks so fluid on the photo. the brass has a lovely shape and gorgeous texture ... now you've made me like square bowls!!

  8. sorry, not the silver one ... it's actually the back of the copper bowl that looks like fabric!

  9. EN & L - thanks for checking out the bowls and inspirational word stash. EN- I'm pleased you liked the blue bowl - it is a bit different and I also love the way the word dream sits amidst the blue and hints of black - a bit like life. L - sometimes the best part of a bowl (the back) is not seen - but that copper bowl has so much character on the back. Go well. B


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