Wednesday, December 7, 2011

Bounty on "the Block"

Though we have been away from home quite a bit this year for work-work we have managed to keep a rudimentary veggie garden going. We had planted a few winter crop type veggies and recently decided to harvest them to give us a chance to tackle the weeds and to plant some summer veggies.

Below you will see small but luscious organic crops of: onions, leeks, carrots, potatoes, rhubarb and a sole asparagus.

Onions and Leeks
More Leeks and Carrots
10 Large Potatoes
Lonely Asparagus
The Silver beet, rhubarb, self sown tomatoes, comfrey, second crop of onions and Bell Peppers are all still going well.
Silver beet, Rhubarb, Comfrey and Compost Bins
Tomatoes etc
And behind the tomatoes we have planted beans, snow peas, rocket and more silver beet. And now the rain has come we are hoping the summer crop rages on. Over at the shed/studio garden 3 pumpkin vines have taken off - probably takeover the coffee bushes which for some really weird reason have decided to bloom again. But we thank nature for the bounty - the stuff from the garden always tastes so good.


  1. how do you maintain that when you are away? :0)
    are asparagus hard to grow? we have these children's cartoons called veggie tales - i know have a lamenting song in my head for the asparagus being alone... silly, yes, but you are the one who applied personification!

  2. Nice! What time is dinner? I might be late. Sending small pkg off to you in the next couple days. Not sure how long it takes.

  3. I love organic vegetables, beautiful garden. I wish I had time to get mine.

  4. The veggie garden looks so lush - nothing beats the taste of freshly harvested veggies...

  5. oh, the fresh stuff, my favorite: lettuce, yum!

  6. What a great harvest! Wish I could be there for dinner!


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