Sunday, December 18, 2011

Early Christmas celebration

Fiona and I have just returned from 'the city' (Brisbane) where we went to celebrate (yesterday) her mum and dad's 50th wedding anniversary; and celebrate Christmas (today) with her family since every one was in Brisbane.

Of course too much rich food was eaten; but both events were great celebrations - a peaceful sense of gathering and sharing at both events.

As part of the Christmas get together there was a sharing of gifts. I received books and vouchers that I expressed an interest in including a voucher from Fiona for guitar lessons. To supplement Fiona's gift voucher I made the simple earrings below - I was aiming to create layers, classic lines and keep them light.  Polishing the tiny plates of thin metal and hammering rivets close together was a challenge for my not so delicate fingers.

I think they have worked; they look good on Fiona; they were a surprise; she did say she liked them; and she lent them to me so I could photograph them for this post.

Barry Smith @ Earrings for Fiona - former life backpack sprayer and jardiniere
Barry Smith @ Earrings for Fiona - former life backpack sprayer and jardiniere
Fiona has posted on our Christmas tree; but I wanted to share a few photo of the shadow of one of the paper hearts that I have given the app treatment resulting in some Christmassy colours

Barry Smith © Shadow of a paper heart
Barry Smith © Altering Shadow of a paper heart 1.
Barry Smith © Altering Shadow of a paper heart 2.
Barry Smith © Altering Shadow of a paper heart 3.
Barry Smith © Altering Shadow of a paper heart 4.
I was interested to find that as I did progressive treatments of each emerging altered photo - it resulted in a movement of the heart from shadow to light, to dark and then back to white again. Hopefully we can aspire to white and peaceful hearts for Christmas.

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  1. The earrings look lovely! Your Christmas tree is enchanting and love your photos...

  2. STUNNING!!!!!!!!!!!! Lyn Moes

  3. I love those earrings, excellent design. Sas variations with the heart are really delicious.

  4. I LOVE layers and rivets (cold connections . used to do jewelry). Your pieces are simple yet strong . . love that!

  5. Love the combination of metals and rivets - lucky girl xoxoxo

  6. You have such wonderful ideas Barry. These earrings are lovely!Fiona must be delighted. Interesting to see the different heart shadow treatments.

  7. The earrings are great B.... i love the effects on the heart shadow... you know, they would make excellent cards, if you had a mind to do that sort of thing! Love 'em!

  8. S/R, LM, L, JG, N, R & SS - thanks for your comments and support. The earrings are strong and yet light - and one of my favourite things - as JG says - cold connections that become part of the design. R - thanks for comment about ideas - they always seem to be natural extensions to what I do. SS - great to hear from you - hope you are well in the cold. Go well all and may 2012 continue to see the sharing of our creativity - I really value it. B


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