Wednesday, December 14, 2011

The threat of a storm

One of the many things Fiona and I enjoy about our place and our block is the magnificent view we have across the valley to the south and the hills to the south west. Unfortunately for those who live in the valley it does tend to be a bit of a corridor for thunderstorms in the summer.

On Saturday we look to the south and there was this big cluster of threatening storm clouds.

We love watching the storms roll across the valley and so decided because it was after 6pm we would sit on the southern deck with a glass of bubbles and watch this storm brew as it moved both across the valley and towards us. We estimated we had about time for one glass of bubbles before it was pouring rain at our place. Sure enough the Glasshouse Mountains and the hills to the south west began to disappear.

The clouds, wind and rain raced closer - hurry drink those bubbles!!!

Yes it is time to go inside now. The rain and wind looked better from behind the glass.

And just for fun a couple of altered shots. All photos taken with the iPhone.

Barry Smith © Storm clouds shroud the Glasshouse Mountains - altered
Barry Smith © The threat in the valley below - altered

By the way, we had 45mm (almost 2 inches of rain in about 30-45 minutes)


  1. woah!! looks like Mordor!! it rained like crazy and flooded the busiest highway at our place (well, the city center) yesterday. traffic was a standstill nearly the whole evening! man ... the rain has come!!

  2. L- I never stopped to think but you are right it does have the sinister Mordor look about it - particularly the altered photos. I had not realised you guys were also getting inundated - you are right the wet season is here. Go well and stay dryish. B

  3. luthien, you just made me smile - the beauty of storms is undeniable (as long as sauron and the uruks stay away!)
    your view is stunning - i always love the rain... it has been in the 20*s here even in the morning...

  4. That's one of the things I like about your place - the great weather views you share now and again! The third photo is captivating with its sharp mountaintops obscured in clouds. I had the sense of a moonscape in the two altered photos.

  5. I could see the approaching storm sweep across the valley as I drove down the mountain. It was great to catch up on the weekend, and to bring home those absolutely gorgeous earrings. I practically sleep in them.

  6. holy moly, that is a lot of rain!
    your photos are wonderfully dramatic and because of the graininess of them they are quite artful, like paintings.

  7. First you made me smile - then Luthien. A glass of bubbles - sounds delightful - I am picturing it in my minds eye... and then Mordor - what a contrast!!! We are expecting storm winds tonight, bringing snow... I think I would rather watch the rain approaching, with a glass of bubbles.

  8. isn't weather amazing, to watch, to actually invite and enjoy the many faces.

  9. MD, VA, JM, TL, S/R & V - good to share with fellow weather and nature watchers. MD - L is such a hoot - often cracks me up. VA - love how the clouds push up against the mountains. JM - ILOL when I read you comment about the earrings - so glad they are good for you - could be the wine goblet connection?? TL - I know the grainy look is a weakness of the zoom in the iPhone - but I love it and like to use it - creates shots that have a hint of pointillism about them. S/R - bubbles always are an aid I think. V- you yourself capture so much of the weather and seasons over your way - something I enjoy when I visit your blog. Go well. B

  10. hi Barry

    i came to these wonderful images via geenunn's ALS.

    i've never seen Glasshouse look so stunningly ethereal. the manipulation of tone & texture is masterly, imo!


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