Sunday, November 27, 2011

After rain

We had about 25mm (1inch) of gentle soaking rain on Thursday - during the day and night. But we woke to cloudy gentle skies and no rain. Fiona headed off to exercise group and I headed off on a walk with my eye and iPhone.

I felt that the world would look fresh and clean with droplets of water clinging to leaves and small clear puddles. And I was not disappointed.

Barry Smith © Rain drop on Agave
Barry Smith © Coral tree blossom against leaden sky
Barry Smith © Fresh Frangipani
Barry Smith © Morning moss
Barry Smith © Leaf with clear water
Barry Smith © New shoots
Barry Smith © Protected and full of light
Barry Smith © Jacaranda blossom carpet
Barry Smith © Blown, beaten beautiful - leaf on the road
Looking back over the photos I can almost breath the fresh air.  One has to be so thankful for that.


  1. Exercise isn't nearly as much fun as wandering alongside you on a walk like this - great shots!

  2. I love drops clinging to leaves...

  3. How lush the world is where you live! And so exotic to me. Wonderful photos. I would love to see that coral tree.

  4. Your photos make me feel as if I am right there walking with you. We've just had a storm here and the air smells wonderful.

  5. Barry, That phone certain takes some good pics. Love the Red coral tree & water droplets are always hard to get just right. I can smell the fresh air from here also.

  6. So jealous of the rain. Only 3 hours north of you and we got NADT
    Love the photos, my favourite is the leaf in water.

  7. F, VA, S/R, R, SZQ & G - ah the beauty of clean clear nature - can't beat it. S/R & SZQ - the Coral tree is special - all blossom - only produces leaves as the blossom drops - so vibrant. G - hope a little rain comes your way. Thanks for comments. Go well. B

  8. wow Barry! yet again the lens has done it's job. isn't this a wonderful world!! it would be such a shame if our descendents dont get to see this anymore. Makes me wonder, if the world was even more beautiful 10000 years ago ... beauty that is lost to us now ...

  9. How fortunate are we? This is certainly a beautiful part of the world.


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