Sunday, October 16, 2011

Storm light

Yesterday afternoon we had a most impressive band of storms that swirled around us on the mountain: storms in the valley below; and the mountains to the west.

Barry Smith © Storm panorama using Autostitch app
Of course both Fiona and I were outside on the southern deck enjoying the spectacle of light, dark, rain and lightning - and capturing a bit of the show on our cameras. Check out Fiona's post for some amazing images of colour in the sky.

Barry Smith © Storm over Glasshouse Mountains
Barry Smith © Sulphurous storm light
I am often amazed that it can be so dark in the sky and so foreboding and yet the foreground is still filled with light and green. There were many good flashes of lighting but very hard to capture - though Fiona caught a good bolt and I caught a flash on the edge of a photo.

Fiona Dempster © Bolt of lightning
Barry Smith © Purple haze of lightning
And whilst we waited I zoomed into the grey light - and the iPhone zoom always produces the soft pixelated shots. Almost like pointillist painted artworks.

Barry Smith © Grey storm-light 1
Barry Smith © Grey storm-light 2
After a close and powerful flash of lightning the intrepid photographers retreated inside and watched and listened to the show from behind glass.


  1. Exactly where i would watch it from. The top image is spectacular Barry.

  2. Witnessing a storm makes me feel awe at the power of nature. We are like a little pixel in the big picture of things. And thanks Barry for your comment on my poem. I don't find it sad either. A moment observed.

  3. It was quite a storm and you are pretty intrepid to have stayed out so long. Love the pixellated shots.

  4. Stunning... and good inspiration for paintings. And I agree, that top photo is amazing.

  5. Love that 1st Photo. Nothing more soothing than watching Thunderstorms in the distance.I Love when we have Monsoons here.


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