Sunday, October 9, 2011

Light and Lines - opening night

On Friday I shared some photos of the pieces that I am exhibiting in Fiona's and my Light and Lines exhibition in Hand Held Gallery in Melbourne. Fiona has shared a few photos of the opening night; but I thought I might just add a few of my own.

As you can see from the photo below Hand Held Gallery is quite small but with good lighting and people can see the works on display even when the gallery is closed.  We did not have a big crowd but it was a quality group of friends, acquaintances and fellow artists who made the opening a success.

Barry Smith © Friends make the opening special. 
Fiona and I had limited ourselves to 10-12 pieces to fit the shelves and wall space available. I think it looked good without being crowded - as Fiona said "it looks like us".

Barry Smith © A shelf of Light Catchers - shadows and reflections.
Barry Smith © A trio of Light Catchers
Barry Smith © Fiona checks out the combined exhibition.
I sold one of the Light Catchers (Wheelie light); and Fiona sold several pieces so that is always good - generous supportive friends.

Barry Smith © Wheelie light is off to a new home.
Apologies for the fact that the photos are a bit blurry - taken with the iPhone

 The Light and Lines exhibition runs until 29 October. Handheld Gallery is located in Suite 18, upstairs Paramount Arcade, 108 Bourke Street, Melbourne. Gallery hours are: Tuesday-Saturday 12-5pm. Works can be purchased by contacting Megan the gallery owner through the Handheld Gallery website.


  1. Wonderful show - good to exhibit quality art to that Melborne lot - he he he

  2. Hi Barry - wonderful show! Love the dialog between the light catchers, and Fiona's work. Great to sell, too!
    Watching the long slants of light begin to pierce through in the early morning forest.... got me thinking if you ever make outdoor light catchers? That's be something, as long as you didn;'t magnify and start any fires!

  3. Looks wonderful - I wish you much success with this exhibition.

  4. Nice to see those red dots Barry. Thanks for your support at my opening.

  5. Looks Great. All so creative - makes me smile when I see them. Hope you sell out. Although I'm always torn when/if that happens because I'm sad to see my stuff go. I enjoy making each piece and it becomes a part of me. Perhaps we are all like that.

  6. looks totally amazing B!!! love your light catchers (ALWAYS!!) and F's statement is spot on :) hahaha!!
    and man .. looks at those books!!! SO YUMMY!!! hope you sell well ... which i'm sure you would. now who could resist those light catchers!

    you guys have such a wonderful, creative, care-less life! this ... is the way to live :)

  7. Congrats to you and Fiona on your exhibition.. and on your sale---I hope more come.. love your pieces that reflect light- and of course I love found objects!

  8. It looks fantastic B! I would love to have been there with you both for the opening. Great to see some red dots. K

  9. this looks like a marvelous collection of arts, how I would love to be there. wishing you the best!


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