Friday, October 14, 2011

Smoke on the horizon

Fiona and I are going to be spending as much time on the road doing work-work as we will be at home for the next month or so. We have a piece of work that will take us to most of the capital cities of Australia over the next little while. So my art is likely to come through the lens more than the hammer and anvil.

A few weeks back we had lots of fires in the valley and over the mountains that surround us. Whilst fires can be fierce things some are controlled burns in preparation for the summer fire season. Late one afternoon there was a long plume of smoke over our western mountains. It created some interesting colours and contrasts. The colours of the photos below have not been enhance - naked Iphone camera shots.

Barry Smith © Smoke on the mountains
Barry Smith © A shimmer of sunset smoke
The newish moon was just coming into frame as I took the photos.

Barry Smith © Smoke, deep blue and sliver of moon
And using the zoom of the Iphone with the smoke around gave me some nice textured-grainy shots.

Barry Smith © Soft horizon
Nature offers some great contrasting pallets.


  1. Hope you have a hose by the back door xoxoxo

  2. That smoke made some spectacular sunsets too Barry.


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