Wednesday, October 26, 2011

Giveaway - friendship and recycling

We have just returned from another of our work-work trips - only two more to go. But before we went we had a lovely Sunday lunch with Fiona's cousin Jude and her family. It provided me with the opportunity to give Jude the choice of one of the three sets of earrings I made with her in mind to say "thanks" for her immediate response to my eye issue.

At first she said she didn't want the gift but changed her mind when she saw what I had brought to lunch - she chose the earrings below - and put them on immediately - and they looked right for her.

Barry Smith© Jude's earrings
All three sets were made from remnants of carry handles off small and old EPNS serving trays (for biscuits, cakes etc) that I had cut up to make bowls, leaves, Bazola bits and inspirations for the pocket.

There are two sets of earrings left - so I (and Fiona) thought it might be a good time for a giveaway. There is no milestone reached or anything - it just seems right that the two sets of earrings below should find new homes. The earrings are simple in design and not precious in a monetary sense as they are made from recycled EPNS material that has been given a new form and life.

Barry Smith © Giveaway earrings 1
Barry Smith © Giveaway earrings 2
So what do you have to do to be in the earring giveaway? Just leave a comment on this post regarding what you like about recycling of objects or material and art.

On Friday the 4 November I will get Fiona to draw two names of those who made a recycling-art related comment out of a bowl; and the earrings will be sent to their new homes.


  1. what a generous giveaway (and of such beautiful earrings)... for the obvious reasons, recycling is just eco-smart... keeping it out of landfills... but that seems to really sell short the meaningful part... using metals that have been used, whether as a daily practice or special occasions, are imbued with memories and energy... i think that is what i love the most - knowing that the metals have already lived one life in a different capacity - and giving them a chance at another...
    layers of meaning and reasons...

  2. Barry, this was such a wonderful gift that you made and how very generous of you to giveaway the others. Although I've said many times, my favorite thing about your work and use of recycled materials is the amazing transformation that you create from discarded bits... each piece is a real cinderella story. (btw, i won your flawless leaves in the ebay Japan auction and I am just giddy with joy!!) namaste...L.

  3. As I was reading this post, before I knew of the giveaway, I thought - I LOVE how Barry used recycled materials to make these... what a great thing, beauty from refuse. So, that's it. Of course, there are tons of other reasons to love recycling. But beyond the good of recycling, there's also the alchemy of bringing beauty back into something that others view as worn out or trash or just not beautiful. You're a great material alchemist, knowing you can coax gold from the ashes.

    Anyway - just wanted to pipe in, and since I was the recipient of one of your leaves not too long ago, no need to put my name in the hat!

  4. I admire your constant stream of ideas Barry, you've always got something new! As for recycling and upcycling, what a wonderful practice. I like that it limits wastefulness and treats resources as the precious commodity that they are. It's good to know that someone else can use a discarded object and even better, LOVE it!

    Beautiful earrings--thank you for having a giveaway :-)

  5. There is no doubt that recycling is the way to go at this point in history. There are limited resources on the planet,and a growing population. The link between 'old stuff' and art has been going on for a long time. What used to be prehistoric communication is now 'rock art'. What used to be everyday utensils now emerge from archaeological digs as ancient art. As for your earrings... lust, lust. lust.

  6. B - fab earrings, they are more than 'just...' they are super precious.

    My giveaway message: "Recycling found objects for me can be liken to the discovery of myself, the more I search for found objects the more I learn about myself..."


  7. No need to put my name in the bowl for your generous giveaway, Barry. Besides the obvious reasons to recycle - we produce way too much landfill - it is the story of a piece that intrigues me, the spirit it acquires during its journey. I find found objects just as fascinating as ancient artefacts...

  8. MD, L, VA, CW, JM, K & S - always great to have a few avid collectors and recyclers joining in - everything that has been said is so true - there are so many dimensions and good reasons for finding and recycling stuff in our art including ancient and other history, patina the opportunities and energy etc etc they all offer. Generous of a lot of you for not wanting to be in the hat - we will see. L - so thrilled that you saw the auction and participated and won - good to know the leaves will go to an appreciative home and Japan will get the cash. VA - I think the bits and pieces are the real alchemists - they just indicate what they want to become. Go well, collect well and create well. B

  9. I've already won one of your wonderful give aways so I don't want to be greedy..... however, I do love these earrings! The biggest thrill in recycled objects is the fact that something has been given new life and very often the new pieces are far better than the original objects.

  10. Yes please put me in the hat!Love earrings
    Barry I wish I had known more about what you use, but I have found a wonderful op shop 3 hours away, bought 4 anodised saucepan lids and 2 trays, could have got lots more epns trays. One of these seems to have a copper base.
    Are you coming to Adelaide? I think they may be too awkward to post but will think about it if youa re not going to be here.

  11. Barry, I've put the word out to my family to watch for anodised lids etc. for you. We seem to be a family of magpies, recycling everything we can, but what you do with your silver, copper and other metals is sheer magic. My stash of old metal is getting bigger, I just need the courage to start working on it. Your blog is my inspiration. Such beautiful earrings - you are very gifted and incredibly generous.

  12. Oh! the indescribable thrill of making something from a rejected, used, unwanted and thrown away material...
    I do it with paper; all kinds/all states of paper previously read, ripped, wrinkled, stained, discolored, put away, thrown away... and then, by giving a new shape, by forming a new object, oh! what an ecstatic feeling!!! I guess similar to how you must have felt creating these beautiful earrings.

  13. Forgot to say that some thing recycled is something that keeps the love put into the original object going.Here I am thinking more as a textle person than a metal recycler, but I suppose it could go that way as well

  14. It's so good to see all these wonderfull new creations you make, your brain must make overtime thinking it all out.
    I hope you find many more treasures to use for a long time to come.

  15. OOO ... good thing i came into blogger today :) and saw this unbelievably generous giveaway :)

    well, besides the obvious reason that recycling will help lengthen the lifespan of our homeland ... YOU take recycling to a higher plane. the plane of transformation.

    it is a wonderment that someone else's trash can be given new life by artists like yourself ... that itself serves so many purposes.

    firstly, this x-trash is now appreciated as art and no longer unwanted trash. then in some sense, recycling here can be considered a kind of livelihood for the artist, can it not? it feeds the artist, not only economically ... but creatively as well. finally, the old is given another chance of life, a different transformed one ... it is a different life with a different purpose. for if that discarded pan lid could feel or is "alive", it would have been very grateful to you for lengthening its lifespan, rejuvenating it and providing it with the ability to bring happiness to others.

    hmmm... now that i've reread what i've written ... i hope you dun think i have a very warped sense of recycling!!

  16. R, P, C, AM, M & L - thanks for joining in the fun - great to gather the views on recycling and art. R & L - the new life aspect is one that touches me each time. P&C - wow! so you both have stashes of stuff. P we are going to be in Adelaide for work-work in about a weeks time maybe we can link up. AM - as a metal worker paper seems so much harder to work. But great that there is diversity so the old stuff in all shapes and mediums gets picked up and re-invented. Good to have a bunch of people in the giveaway. Go well. B

  17. "Something old is new again
    More beautiful the second time around
    grown so, with age and colour and purpose
    As I look deep into you, I realise you have endless possibilities......
    The hands of the artist explore the spectrum of my beauty.
    Do you see me?" - Lyn Moes


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