Sunday, October 23, 2011

iPhoneography and Fantasy Feathers

As well as finishing off the jewellery bits and earrings for Fiona's cousin I gave the prototypes of the 'little blue metal feathers' a light polish to take off the rough edges. As you can see from the photo below the polishing has resulted in creating some silver highlights; bringing out some of the texture; and muting the blue slightly.

Barry Smith © Little blue metal feather (Canon)
In her comment on Bits in the rough Carol brought my attention to an iPhoneography opportunity. Whilst I'm not sure I will get time to make all the connections and requirements to be part of this activity it did encourage me to take the photos of a real feather and the 'little blue metal feather' with the iPhone and give a couple of the photos the treatment with the FX app.

One of the things I enjoy about the naked iPhone close-up photos is that you can often create some interesting effects by how the colours of the objects and light bounces back. This provides some interesting opportunities for modification with the apps.

Barry Smith © Feather (Canon)
Barry Smith © Feather (iPhone)
Barry Smith © Feather (iphone - FX app)
Barry Smith © Little blue metal feather (iPhone)
Barry Smith © Little blue metal feather (iPhone - FX app)
Barry Smith © Little blue metal feather (iPhone -FX app)
I have found that not all photos lend themselves to startling modifications; but I knew that the light and texture of the naked shots would produce some interesting variations. Just love how the shadow under both the real and metal feather just glow as if lit from below when modified using the iPhone app.


  1. Love the colour with the silver, dont have an iphone so didnt know you could do that with it.

  2. That little blue feather is just wow! Amazing, what you can do with apps and an iPhone...

  3. Wow! I love the light and the subtlety of colors and textures that you get with these great photos. Really delicious.

  4. Kookaburra feather? I found a blue kingfisher feather on my doormat yesterday..... a gift .... and then pup swallowed it!

  5. Love the blue feather! Fun apps. :) Every now and then I try to convince myself that no one in this house really needs to invest in an iPhone and then someone posts something like this. sheesh!

  6. Wonderful effects with the FX app. I'm doing a lot of fiddling and have a couple of results I like but nothing I like as much as yours. especially that last glowing photo. I think I have app envy.


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