Wednesday, June 19, 2013

Article about the artists

Fiona and I were approached by Kate Johns editor of Salt magazine to do a 'meet the designer' profile in the magazine. Salt is a great magazine that promotes all things bright and beautiful (art, fashion, food, tourism etc) on the Sunshine Coast.

Thanks to Kate and two of her team (Frances Frangenheim [words] and Anastasia Kariofyllidis [photos]) we are featured in the Salt - Winter '13 edition. You can read the Salt online version here.

The profile on us in the hard copy is pp. 104-107 - photo below is a bit of a hint that you have reached the article on us and our work. Couple more images here.

And because it is Wednesday I thought I'd throw in a couple of early morning iPhone photos - taken just as I was setting out for an early morning walk. I thought it must be wrong to be walking in the dark and cold - but then Fiona was off doing her circuit training with her women's group - so!!!!

©2013 Barry Smith - The lights of the Port of Brisbane
©2013 Barry Smith - Inky blue sky with faint morning light
In the photos (taken with the iPhone so beautifully pixelated) you can see the lights of of the Port of Brisbane - about 80klms away - cold clear morning.


  1. Really wonderful article, Barry! Hope it brings you lots of curious studio visitors!

  2. Terrific article! Good to see the faces behind the talent! Learn a little bit about you and Fiona and hear what you both have to say. Thank you for sharing it!

  3. Well done guys! An awesome photo of you both, and all the best for your studio opening. K

  4. Congratulations!...looks like they did you proud.

  5. wow!!! will definitely go read after the baby sleeps :) that pic of you two is SO lovely!!

  6. VA, AA, K, JM & LT - thanks for your congratulations and comments. VA - glad you enjoyed the article - one is never quite sure what will be printed. AA - putting faces to to fellow artists is always interesting isn't it. K - awesome photo - glad it was in black and white - bit kinder. JM - thanks - not a bade statement about us. LT - hope you got a chance to read it once the little ones went to sleep. All - go well and create well. B

  7. Wonderful article, Barry, and very much deserved. Best wishes for your Open Studio weekend. Wish I could be there.

  8. C - thanks for you congrats; and wishes for the open studio - it should be a good opportunity to catch up with a few friends and supporters. B


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