Sunday, June 16, 2013

I know Daily Word bowls can be boring but .....

As I have said in earlier posts I'm in a bit of a production phase at the moment in the lead up to the July open studio weekend and the August-September exhibition - so into turning our multiples of categories of things. I'm working on making about 10 sets of Daily Words - the bowls and the inspirational words.

Over the last couple of weeks I have been cutting circles (about 90mm in diameter) of silver-plasted EPNS; and hammering them into the shallow bowl form I use for the Daily Words bowls. You can see a few of such circles that have been marked and hammered but not ground and polished in the photo below. All the circles are cut from small EPNS trays - gifted to me or purchased from recycling shops.

©2013 Barry Smith - Part of the stash of Daily Words bowls - formed and hammered but not ground or polished
I have added a couple of new designs to the bowls series - a star burst, positive and negative space equal-sided triangles and a more defined ying-yang. The full stash of new bowls are in the series of photos below.

©2013 Barry Smith - Daily Words bowls - spiral, ying-yang and star burst
©2013 Barry Smith - Reworded silver-plated drink coasters.
©2013 Barry Smith - Negative and positive space hammered triangles
©2013 Barry Smith - Full hammered pattern, hammered pattern on the rim and hammered in the centre and rim.
©2013 Barry Smith - A stash of Daily Words bowls
As is often the case  the bowls are so highly polished that they pick up all sorts of reflections - but still they look pretty good. Fiona pointed out that today is the fourth anniversary of posting to this blog - not a bad achievement .


  1. Exquisite, as always Barry...will give you some notice when I'm coming up for my earrings...perhaps this week sometime.

  2. These are quite amazing, Barry... love the negative positive space triangles, especially together. And happy 4th!

  3. They look better than pretty good. They're wonderful! Congrats on four years of inspiring and enjoyable posts!

  4. they are certainly never boring to view - or touch! i have to say that this is the perfect example of why working in a series or as production pays off... you have become so intimate with the pieces that you are able to grow with them. the designs that you have created give a subtle sophistication to these bowls that i already loved so much - you may not have any left after the open studio! the spiral is especially lovely -

  5. oh and congratulations on the 4 yr. anniversary! interesting, my first post was 4 may 2009... just over 4 yrs ago as well!

  6. actually .... there is nothing boring about your bowls
    vessels are something so many of us enjoy; from bowls, baskets, homes, wombs that carry us until we are born
    they are gorgeous mister b

  7. JM, VA, AA, MJ & TL - thanks for checking out the stash of DW bowls - and it pleases me to know that these are not boring. And thanks for your support over the last 4 years of posting.JM - exquisite - thanks - and earring pick-up next week. VA - your are right about the triangles being a balanced pair. AA - better than pretty good - simplicity sometimes can have its own beauty. MJ - you are correct - I have a special fondness for the simplicity and power of these small bowls and therefore put a bit of added energy into them as I make them. And congrats to you for 4 years of blogging also. TL - I love the thought that bowls are forms from which part of us is-can be born - I will hold that thought. All - go well. B

  8. Never, ever boring, Barry, your bowls are so desirable. Congratulations on your 4th anniversary, what joy you and Fiona have given to your readers in that time.

  9. C - thanks - the blog community is good. B


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