Wednesday, June 5, 2013

Magic morning and images of a journey

I was going to do this post on iPhone photos taken of fragments of my recent trip to Japan; but ten minutes of beauty on this mornings early morning walk meant that I felt I just wanted to share both.

So first the ten minutes of colour from an early morning sunrise as I walked along Treehaven Way.

©2013 Barry Smith - Winter morning sunrise 1
©2013 Barry Smith - Winter morning sunrise 2
And then a few random images of fragments of beauty from the recent trip to Tatebayashi.

©2013 Barry Smith - Rusted corrugated iron
©2013 Barry Smith - Printing press roller and registration marks
©2013 Barry Smith - Light through the printer's cloths
©2013 Barry Smith - Spring growth through a fly screen
©2013 Barry Smith - Smears of printer's ink on concrete floor
©2013 Barry Smith - Rust - nail, wire, corrugated wall
©2013 Barry Smith - Gold amidst the new growth
©2013 Barry Smith - Dried and withered but holding beauty
©2013 Barry Smith - Fragment of a garden bed
©2013 Barry Smith - New growth on a temple's Ginko tree.
©2013 Barry Smith - Eroded but still doing its job as part of an ancient temple
©2013 Barry Smith - Ready for harvest
Over the last couple of days I have spent some in the garage-studio in the afternoons. I have cut and hammered heaps of metal; but because we are in another rather wet and cold period I have not been able to get to trim and polish pieces. I hope I can do a fair bit of that over Thursday and Friday and be in a position to share images of the fruits on my creativity on Friday.


  1. talk about saving the best till last! or the best three till last ....
    beautiful photographs Barry. x

  2. that close up of nail, wire, is sublime. what a beautiful photo, barry!

  3. Beautiful pictures, I love them all but especially the abstractions, really great!

  4. Your photography is stunning the corrugated iron and nails.

  5. Loving these!I'm drawn to 'Dried and withered but holding beauty'

  6. ALL of your photos here are GORGEOUS!
    i love: Rust - nail, wire, corrugated wall

  7. All wonderful photos, Barry, but like others, my favourite is Rust - nail, wire, corrugated wall - love that one. I think it would be beautiful framed - maybe in your shop?


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