Sunday, June 9, 2013

Progress with polishing etc...

Over the weekend I have managed to grind and polish the found earrings and the Peace Book Pendant pages. I have also attached the ear wires to the earrings and jump rings to the earrings and the Peace Book Pendants.

A few photos of the 'found' earrings.

©2013 Barry Smith - Found Earrings
©2013 Barry Smith - Found Earrings - Wings
©2013 Barry Smith - Found Earrings - Cogs
©2013 Barry Smith - Found Earrings - Slice of time
©2013 Barry Smith - Found Earrings - Hammers of time
©2013 Barry Smith - Found Earrings - Leaves
©2013 Barry Smith - Found Earrings - Scrolls

And  few photos of the Peace Book Pendants.

©2013 Barry Smith - Peace Circle
©2013 Barry Smith - Mini Peace Book Pendant
©2013 Barry Smith -  Peace Book Pendant cover
©2013 Barry Smith - Mini Peace Book Pendant
©2013 Barry Smith - An open Peace Book Pendant with reflected brass colour
©2013 Barry Smith - Peace  Pendant
All the Peace Book Pendants are cut from recycled silver-plated EPNS or silver-plated copper. I need to attach the chains for the pendants, give them a final polish and then they are complete. Some will go into the Online Shop and Open Studio (6-7 July); and others will go into the Peace and Stillness Exhibition at Rosebead Street Gallery.


  1. Oh dear Barry! If there is something I am less able to resist than a beautiful necklace, it is a gorgeous pair of earrings!! I am all-of-a-flutter!!!

  2. I agree with Amanda's comment - I'm all-of-a-flutter as well. What magnificent and playful pieces. Are they in your shop yet?

  3. Love those peace book pendants. Looks like a productive weekend.

  4. My, you go from strength to strength Barry.

  5. Gorgeous! You are amazing, Barry, just making the most beautiful things. As you know, I have very little ability to resist, so I've already been to your shop and snaffled something. Thank you for putting me (and by the sound of it, Amanda and Jennifer) in jewellery jeopardy.

  6. A, J, VA, JM & C - thanks for checking out the new stash of found stuff. A - I would say just surrender. J - quite a few things have gone into the shop but have not remained there for long. If there is something that catches your interest and it is not in the shop let me know. VA - I really like making the book pendants and the power they seem to hold. JM - thanks - strength comes from inspiration and encouragement. C - I love those who know what thjey want and just go for it - sorry about the jewellery jeopardy biut there could be worse afflictions in life - and I think you will love the earrings you purchased - great talking pint - very unique. All - go well. B


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