Friday, September 19, 2014

A flock of mini Starburst bowls

©2014 Barry Smith - Detail of fire colour and hammering on Starburst bowls
Today has been a full on art day. I cleaned my studio; started some ladles; and completed a flock of mini Starburst Bowls.

Given it is getting late and I need to make pizzas I thought I'd share some images of the 12 mini (range in size from 50mm-70mm in diameter) Starburst Bowls.

©2014 Barry Smith - All of the bowls started life as the recycled bases of wine goblets
©2014 Barry Smith - An annealing pit full of hammered Starburst Bowls
©2014 Barry Smith - The flock of mini Starburst Bowls after grinding and polishing
©2014 Barry Smith - Detail of mini Starburst Bowls - shiny
Over the weekend I hope to complete the ladles and share a bit on that later. Now I'm off to make pizza and drink red wine.


  1. Im in awe honestly! These take me to thinking of the iron age, brass age. They make me think of river rocks polished by water. If warrior shields in Africa. They are earthy but could belong in the galaxy. Just beautiful and congratulations on your fine craft. You have a gift.

  2. From goblet bases to miraculous sunbursts of colour and light. Brilliant, Barry!

  3. What a transformation, Barry! You always create such beautiful pieces from simple objects. These 'Starburst Bowls' are pretty cool.

    Gaby xo

  4. nicely done, i love the gathering together. and pizza and red wine, also fine.

  5. Hi SM, MB, AA, C,. GB & V - thanks heaps for dropping by and checking out this bundle of beauties; and thanks for your supportive comments. MB - I'm a bit speechless given they reminded you of many things. AA, C, GB - it gives great satisfaction to take the discards - even my discards or discards, and then to see them transform. V - can'
    t goo too wrong with the wine and pizza after a good day of hammering. All - go well. B


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