Friday, September 26, 2014

Mini metal books

©2014 Barry Smith - Stack of recycled silver-plated EPNS
I have been cutting up silver-plated EPNS trays for a job Fiona and I have on. There are always lots of off cuts when I do this. For some reason what the metal suggested was an installation of small metal books - maybe an artists' book (a library of small books). But I got side tracked because I wanted to see how small I could go.

Well as you can see I have made Fiona a prototype pair of book earrings and pendant. The pendant has the word 'wonder' stamped on it and the earrings 'joy' and 'read' - obviously the pendant and earrings are about the joy and wonder of reading.

©2014 Barry Smith - Book pendant and earrings
©2014 Barry Smith - Rivet book earrings (asbout 1cmX1.5cm)
©2014 Barry Smith - Riveted book pendant  (about 1.5cmx3cm)
And the metal for the library of small books; and more pendants and earrings in production.

©2014 Barry Smith - Book bits
And a stash of metal for our job.

©2014 Barry Smith - Stack of recycled silver-plated EPNS
Time for bubbles?


  1. Ahhh, yes, its Friday... time for bubbles in your world!

  2. These are so cool. Hope you do lots of them.

  3. Hello, Barry.

    These works have some profound taste. Long time might mellow the taste.
    It's a pleasure, and great time.
    Natural law will allowed to proceed further creative. Co-production.

    Japanese has dealt so the wood. wooden art is delicate.
    And, also the lacquerware.

    Have a good day. From Japan, ruma❃

  4. My comment has vanished! I would love a pair of peace earrings, Barry, when you have made some. Please let me know.

  5. VA, JM, Ruma and C - can't believe how far back I went to find I had neglected my fellow artists and community of friends. VA - Friday night is a lovely transition night and a glass of wine helps. JM - thanks - I do hope to get a few sets going. Metal and wood - noble materials. C - as indicated in a later comment - I have started your earrings. Go well in health and peace. B


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