Sunday, September 7, 2014

I'm having a Spring Sale

One of the galleries that sold some of my jewellery has closed; and as a consequence I ended up with extra earrings and bracelets in our studio-gallery. So I have decided to have a short, sharp Spring Sale. It will run from today until the 30 September.

So if you want to pick up a set of earrings or a cuff bracelet and get 20% off  then head over to my online shop.

Apart from photographing earrings and bracelets and doing the tedious task of uploading them into the shop, I have made quite a number of larger patinated leaf forms to go into a friend's new timber, fine furniture and art shop. But more on that later.


  1. Just popped over to your shop and treated myself to a pair of beautiful leaf earrings. I have been eyeing of your leaves for so long I am very excited to own a pair. Also bought some riveted earrings. Couldn't help myself. Thanks for your lovely positive blog I often wonder over for a looky see. Thanks Rust stuff

  2. Just added this to my Facebook page, B, hope you don't mind. My friends always ask where my jewellery comes from so they should be pleased to see you are having a sale.


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