Wednesday, September 24, 2014

Back to ladles

©2014 Barry Smith - Fire colour and hammer marks inside the bowl - I never get tired of those colours and texture marks
I have had a couple of requests for ladles - so as part of my bowl hammering over the weekend I started work on 4 ladles.

©2014 Barry Smith - Four bowls roughly formed
©2014 Barry Smith - Four bowls hammered and finished - ready for polishing
But in the end there were three as I found a very small hole in one of the bowls after I finished polishing them. I gave it away to one of the people doing some work on our bathroom - can't have a leaky ladle!!! Below is how the three remaining ladles turned out.

©2014 Barry Smith - Three ladles - polished with handles riveted on
©2014 Barry Smith - Ladle with hand formed brass twist handle and small copper soldering iron head and fold on side away from right hand pouring edge
©2014 Barry Smith - Ladle with hand formed twisted copper handle
©2014 Barry Smith - Ladle with hand formed brass twist handle and large copper soldering iron head
©2014 Barry Smith - Hammered pattern on outside of a ladle bowl
I think that these three will give some choice.


  1. Your craftsmanship is so beautiful... I can see why they are in such demand.

  2. Glorious! The colour and patina is stunning!


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