Wednesday, September 3, 2014

Windy Wednesday walk

We have been having some big and chilly winds on the mountains - first for a few days from the north-west and now from the south-west. At least the Peace Prayer Wheel is getting to turn - and hopefully send out some peace vibes.

The wind has also played havoc with Fiona's peace flags - but as the photo below shows peace hangs in there.

Many flowers are attempting to burst forth in the early turbulent time of Spring.

Including the orchids on our Book Wall

The bees were staying home this morning.

However the birds were out to collect early morning nectar.

The early light across the valley was soft.

And the early sunrise burst forth as I walked Treehaven Way.

A good restful way to start the day.


  1. such a lovely look at your morning.

  2. The wind is wild down here too, B, and it's very cold. Fiona's peace flag looks wonderful in your photo, very fragile, as peace certainly seems to be right now. Your garden is looking ready for spring as is mine. I'm really ready for a bit of warmth now. Your sunrise is a stunner!

  3. Barry,
    this pictures are fantastic! The first is breathtaking! Congrats

  4. Love seeing the different kind of flowers and the same ones! Happy spring!

  5. P, C, T & VA - thanks for going on the morning Wednesday walk with me. P - I think sharing walks is good - I always enjoy looking at your coastal walks. C - I agree re the peace flag and need for peace right now - may we continue to imagine it. T - pretty special the fragile peace flag. VA - their abundance does us good. Go well. B


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