Sunday, September 14, 2014

Packing and delivering over the weekend

A few bits of our art went out the door in different ways and directions over the weekend.

Bending II (below) was packed and delivered today so that it could become one of the features of a wedding at the end of next week - I hope it brings much joy into the lives of the young couple.

©2014 Barry Smith - Bending II outside the studio at sunset
Fiona was setting up the Peace exhibition in the display cabinets of the local library on Saturday. I went along to give a hand and contributed a bit of my work to the display. The Peace display will be in the cabinets for two weeks - looks good - hope it inspires a few folk. This is all leading up to International Peace Day on 21 September.

©2014 Barry Smith - A small reminder to give peace a chance.

Fiona and I contributed some stock Rhyce's new wood and art gallery in Montville - True Cut Gallery. Rhyce is a very fine furniture maker. Below is a photo of the pieces I contributed; and a photo of some of Fiona's and my pieces on display with Rhyce's fine furniture.

©2014 Barry Smith - A stash of goodies for young Rhyce's gallery
©2014 Barry Smith - One small view of True Cut Gallery
I was informed that one of the fish sold over the weekend. And just a reminder that the earring and bracelet Spring Sale in my shop has only one more week to run so don't miss out on  a bargain - all earrings and bracelets are 20% off.

And if you check Fiona's blog out you will see that the peace weather grams are also being progressively installed.

A good positive art weekend.


  1. Lovely little gallery space, and always good to have a piece swim away.

  2. The fish! Just lovely! You know I want one. May yet get to Monto this year...

  3. VA & C - hi to you and thanks. VA - had to smile about the swim away reference. C - when I do another school of the small fish I will let you know. Look forward to seeing you if you make it up this way. Go well. B


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