Friday, September 5, 2014

Hammering for joy

Over the last little while I have been doing quite a bit of commission work; and much of this has included hammering metal. However there always seems to be a qualitative difference between doing creative work to order; and just doing it for it's own sake.

©2014 Barry Smith - Hammer marks inside one of the raised bowls - love the colours and texture
Today I got down into the studio-garage for more than half the day and hammered a couple of new Starburst Bowls; and finished off three raised bowls that I had started a couple of months ago. Such a good feeling to know I had not lost the touch or the joy of taking recycled metal to places I wanted them to go.

The Starburst bowls - third lot of hammering and back onto the annealing tray; and the finished bowls.

©2014 Starburst bowls having gone through a few hammering cycles
©2014 Barry Smith - Starburst bowls on the rust table
Different stages of the raised bowls - beyond open bowls but not pushed to pod form.

©2014 Barry Smith - Raise bowls on the annealing tray - after about 8 hammering cycles
©2014 Barry Smith - Showing how the hammering shrinks the metal
©2014 Barry Smith - Raised bowls ready for polishing - though I do like them raw
©2014 Barry Smith - Raised bowls polished - different recycled metals
©2014 Barry Smith - Silver and rust - great combo
We are now off to the opening of a calligraphic and paper craft exhibition - in support of fellow artists.


  1. Wow! Just glorious against the rusty surface. Raised and starburst, all are really beautiful.

  2. It's always fascinating watching the progression of your work. Inspiring and beautiful each step of the way!

  3. all gorgeous... love that hint of red x

  4. Interesting post...and spectacular bowls.

  5. Your beautiful bowls have such a wonderful warm glow.


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