Sunday, September 21, 2014

International Peace Day

Usually I do my blog posts at the end of the day; but today is a special day - International Peace Day - so I thought I would post some images early - give peace a slightly better chance?

©2014 Barry Smith  - Peace crane on flag
©2014 Barry Smith - Peace sign at top go drive
The images are of peace 'flags' etc around our place. Many of these usually reside at the back of our house on the deck near the peace bell; but today some are brought to the top of our driveway to maybe encourage a little more awareness of peace; and just maybe let a few more peace thoughts and actions float out to calm some of the minds and hearts of those hell bent on war and violence.

©2014 Barry Smith _ Peace post with book wall and orchids
©2014 Barry Smith _ Italian peace flag on studio wall
©2014 Barry Smith _ Last year's peace flags re-hung plus Fiona's peace weather grams
©2014 Barry Smith - Peace Prayer Wheel at top of drive
©2014 Barry Smith Detail from Peace Prayer Wheel
©2014 Barry Smith _ Fluttering Peace Weather-grams
©2014 Barry Smith - Detail from Peace Prayer Wheel
©2014 Barry Smith - One of Fiona's peace hangings at our door
©2014 Barry Smith - Peace still hangs in there - fragile peace
Some peace 'flags' from friends.

©2014 Barry Smith - MJ's peace flags - at our doorway
©2014 Barry Smith - Luthien's peace house at our doorway
©2014 Barry Smith - Jennifer Q's shredded peace flags on the back deck
©2014 Barry Smith - Our Japanese Peace Bell - inscription by Mr Motoi
Peace - today and every day.


  1. If ever we needed to be reminded of peace, I think the time is now! Your peace flags and prayer wheel and other beautiful signs and symbols are very precious. Peace and love to you and Fiona, B.

  2. Hi C - can't have too many of us wishing for peace. Peace to you from Fiona and myself. B


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