Wednesday, July 15, 2015

A painted morning sky

This morning was predicted to be very cold and clear. I can vouch for the cold part; but not so clear; some good clouds across all parts of the sky providing the canvas for the morning light to paint the sky.

The light in the east as I left home at 6am was just breaking creating soft light and soft silhouettes.

©2015 Barry Smith - A skinny winter tree, power lines and a brush of morning colour
And then the light show along Treehaven Way, looking to the east, was full of light and contrasts. Some of the morning sky seemed almost to burn.

©2015 Barry Smith - Burning morning horizon
©2015 Barry Smith - Wisps of colour carry the light
©2015 Barry Smith - Light framed by pine trees and power lines
©2015 Barry Smith - Another skinny winter tree
©2015 Barry Smith - Golden light on the horizon
©2015 Barry Smith - Golden light on the horizon
I arrived home to soft light in the valley with wisps of cloud - looking to the south.

©2015 Barry Smith - Soft southern light
©2015 Barry Smith - Soft southern light
Such a contrast to the light in the valley before leaving home.

©2015 Barry Smith - Dark southern light
I'm always amazed that the light and colour can be so brief - from dark night like to soft morning light in the space of a half hour.


  1. Beautiful photos, some almost like paintings! :-)

  2. Stunning sunrise. Lovely way to start your day.

  3. Very painterly photos, just amazing colours and textures.

  4. Y, J, AA & C - it is not surprising that we are all moved by the beauty of morning light - thanks for dropping by and for your comments. Go well and enjoy the beauty of morning light. B


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