Friday, July 17, 2015

The art of installation

©2015 Barry Smith - Solace resting awaiting installation - seems small but this piece is about 1.8m long
Much of this week has been given over to working with the installation team (Rhyce, Edith-Ann) to install the Peace in the Trees Sculptural Walk sculptures and signs. In the main my role has been: dealing with the paper work and bureaucracy; general planning and coordination; and getting the signs approved and then manufactured.

The good news is that it is all coming together. Such a beautiful sight to see the pieces on location still bundled in their slings - almost like sacred packages ready to be opened. I love the fact that Edith-Ann chose green and purple slings.

©2015 Barry Smith - Platypus in purple
©2015 Barry Smith - Solace and the lanscape
©2015 Barry Smith - Heartfelt waitin
Some pretty serious work has gone into the installation: an excavator to dig 15 holes; concrete trucked on site to put footings and reinforcing steel in according to the engineer's specifications; pieces craned into place, levelled and supported on a bed or mortar - with reinforcing rods drilled and glued into the footing of each sculpture; and today (Friday) final concreting of the works into place.
©2015 Barry Smith - Craning Shhh… into place - many many trees planted in the background by an environmental group (Greenhills)
©2015 Barry Smith - Rhyce guiding the cement around Heartfelt
©2014 Barry Smith - Platypus concreted into place
©2015 Barry Smith - Reflection concreted in - tested to see it held water and yet let it flow when the bowl filled 
©2015 Barry Smith - Imagine Peace supported and cemented - note small sign post to the left
The 15 metal signs need to be attached to the posts - early next week?

©2015 Barry Smith - One of the larger story board signs - tells the story about the Sculptural Walk 
©2015 Barry Smith - Story board - etched stainless steel
©2015 Barry Smith - Story board with individual signs for the 13 sculptural pieces
And then some tidying and landscaping to integrate them into the landscape - the concrete around the base is to be covered by sandstone clouded stone. Then the hope is that the pieces will inspire folk to imagine peace and protect the environment. And what a wonderful setting for them on this country walk.

©2015 Barry Smith - A view of the Riverside start of the sculptural walk


  1. i'm in awe. this looks amazing. maybe i will walk here someday, but you will, and you will see those trees grow... good work, barry.

  2. What a beautiful thing this will be, Barry. The sculptures will age as the trees grow and the walk will be there for generations to come, gently speaking of peace.

  3. A massive amount of work...but in the end, as Carol says, it will sit gently into the landscape.

  4. Beautiful installation.
    Thanks for sharing.

  5. Hi V, C, JM & RF - thanks for stopping by and leaving a comment - feedback is always appreciated. V - when next you visit we can walk the way of peace!! C - I so look forward to the trees and plants hugging the stones. JM - it has taken a while - but worthwhile if it can inspire a bit of peace and the love of trees etc. RF - thanks - glad you liked what you saw. All - go well. B


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