Wednesday, July 22, 2015

Morning, mist and moon

I thought we were in the dead of winter again this morning - it was almost dark when I ventured out for my walk. There should have been a brush of daylight but low cloud and misty rain dampened the light as you can see from the diffused light of the single street light on Treehaven Way in the photo below.

©2015 Barry Smith - Street light in the fog and misty morning light
Flowers that were still braving the cold were coated in droplets.

Looking through the peace flags on the bell and peace flag deck revealed a white out.

A few nights ago the sky was clear - a meteorological aberration!! I attempted to take a couple of photos of this sickle of a moon; but the atmospherics made it a bit hard - the camera (Canon) zoom just wanted to flare out into white light as it could not handle the atmospheric particles between it and the moon. Still I quite like the fact that I was able capture what looks like the moon behind a shadow.

©2015 Barry Smith - Moon with shadow
©2015 Barry Smith - Sickle moon
I'm hoping the weather clears in the near future. I'm having difficulty in getting out to do the chores on the block and doing the jobs on the peace posts that require dry outdoor conditions.


  1. I love this series of photos, especially the first one -- the light in the mist.

  2. Looks pretty wintery there too, mornings to stay a little longer in bed!

  3. That crescent moon - wonderful!

  4. the crane and the moonshot are beautiful.

  5. Lovely winter photos, Barry. You're a brave man, still going out so early. Love that sickle moon...


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