Wednesday, July 29, 2015

Cool moon mornings and a couple of other things

This month we are to have a blue moon - really only means two full moons in the one month. Still the cool evenings and mornings have made for some good moon photos including the one this afternoon - a cool silver moon rising.

©2015 Barry Smith - A soft silver rising moon - not quite the blue moon
Some of the photos of the phases of the moon over the last few mornings follow.

I'm intrigued by the rotation of the moon from rising to setting - the shadow edge is at the base when rising and on the top when setting - or so it seems to me.

The early morning have also made for some other intriguing light including the lights of the Port of Brisbane - obviously taken with a cold shaky hand - but quite a funky outcome.

©2015 Barry Smith - Moon in a shadow landscape
©2015 Barry Smith - Shaky lights of Port of Brisbane - early morning across the valley
I had to share the photo below of a colourful little visitors Fiona and I saw when we were beginning the etching.
©2015 Barry Smith - Beetle on a used paper wasp nest
And a couple of photos I took of the peace flags on the Japanese Peace Bell deck at night whilst I was attending the barbecue.
©2015 Barry Smith - Remnants of a peace flag - against the dark
©2015 Barry Smith - Rusted peace dove braves the dark
Time to go to get ready for visitors.


  1. wonderful photos of the moon. The colours on the insect are fantastic.
    a comment on your blog, I find it is sometimes difficult to read the black text on the dark grey background so do not always read it all. May be my computer.

  2. Oh, those moon photos, Barry! Just stunning. And the jewel insect is really beautiful set against the wasp nest. Like Irene, I'm finding it very hard to read the black on grey but I suspect it's just a sign of old age...

  3. Your photos of the moon always amaze.

  4. Some of those moon photos remind me of your bowls.

  5. did you really take those wonderful moon photos with your iPhone?
    the bug is amazing and wonderful on the wasp home. lovely to drop by and see your photos Barry.

  6. Hi I, C, P, J, JM & TL - thanks for your generous comments - I often feel I will bore folk with photos of the moon but on clear nights in the country it is just too tempting to ignore. I & C - I will see what I can do about the contrast between the text and background. TL - the moon photos are taken with a simple Canon Powershot camera. All - peace & go well. B


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