Friday, July 10, 2015

Benefits of working outdoors….

©2015 Barry Smith -  A painted sky
This morning was given over to community art - negotiating to make signs for the 13 sculptures that make up the Peace in the Trees Sculptural Walk. This afternoon I was working under the cover of the carport at the shed - cutting 10 1.2mX.1m strips from a sheet of 2.5mm thick aluminium. It started to rain as I had thought a possibility - when I looked up I was greeted by a magnificent clear strong rainbow; and then a pale second rainbow. I love how at times you get the contrast between the grey storm sky above the rainbow and the clear sky below - separated by colour.

©2015 Barry Smith - A coloured dome over the house
©2015 Barry Smith -  Double colour in the valley
©2015 Barry Smith -  Colour and cloud
©2015 Barry Smith - ©2015 Barry Smith -  Colour and cloud
I went around to the back of the shed and noticed how the gentle rain hard created a jewel of water in the centre of a nasturtium leaf.

©2015 Barry Smith - A leaf holding water - inspiration for resin jewellery?
The cutting took time; but  I now have the 10 strips of metal that will be cut down to fit the routed sections in my posts; and I will then prepare them for etching - hopefully this coming week.

I love the residue of metal left by the cutting process - like powder and strips of silver.

©2015 Barry Smith - Marks
Did I hear someone say it is Friday. Now I'm off to make risotto; and of course drink a little wine.


  1. Lovely rainbow, very cold and windy here, there is talk of snow on our not terribly high peaks. The fire is welcome!

  2. Seems you've had a busy and lovely day. Enjoy the risotto and wine.

  3. Wonderful rainbows! It's going to get cold now, so you and Fiona stay cosy. And Barry, thank you SO much, I'll email you.

  4. P, J, JM & C - I love sharing the beauty of nature - especially given the fact that it is so transitory and in the global community so different from one side of the world to the other. P - stay indoors. J - more busy studio days ahead on this commission. JM - thanks. C - hope you enjoy. All - stay warm. B


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