Friday, July 24, 2015

Quietly making metal feathers

©2015 Barry Smith - A flight of feathers?
Until lunchtime today I was supervising the installation of a set of sold panels on our visitors pavilion whilst personally making the etching bath for the panels that will go into the commissioned peace posts.

The solar panels are in place and look good on the north facing roof - form and function!!!!

Regarding the etching bath - it is about 1m wide, 1.2m long and 15cm deep. The frame is pine; and the lining is two layers of black heavy industrial plastic stapled to the frame. It seems to have worked out well. We will need about 24 litres of etchant to cover the plates well.

After lunch I decided to do a quiet bit of creating - making the forms for 3 feather pendants (about 50-60mm long); and three sets of feather earrings (about 25mm long). I liked the way they curled on the anvil - so I have left some of the curl in each feather form - a natural look.

©2015 Barry Smith - Curling feather form on the small anvil
I cut the blanks out with jeweller's hand shears that have a serrated jaw - I'm going to retain as much of the serration as I can - I think it gives the feathers an organic look. The rough feather forms looked good on rust. Still need a light grind and polish before turning into wearable art.

©2015 Barry Smith - Pendant feather forms in the rough on rust
©2015 Barry Smith - Earring feather forms in the rough on rust
I have had some beef bones weathering on the rust table - they are whitening well. I want to use these in pendants.

©2015 Barry Smith - Bones and rust
So another great Friday has gone by. Time to settle and have a glass or two of bubbles with Fiona.


  1. Interesting work.
    Thanks for sharing the details.

  2. They look lovely with the natural curl.

  3. i think your final words make a great book title...(grin)

  4. The feathers are lovely, B, another very nice addition to your jewellery. I do like the beef bones - look forward to see what comes of that.

  5. Gorgeous. Saw your work at the ‘Compassion’ exhibition and became a fan.


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