Wednesday, July 8, 2015

Learning lessons and light

©2015 Barry Smith - A cog within
I have found the advice given by our blog community regarding resin very helpful. Yesterday I had a spare hour so I decided to put into practice some of the hints given by folk on my earlier resin post. I stirred the resin more gently and warmed the resin. I did the resin pour over some watch parts and into some small odds and ends I had lying around.

The clarity of the resin was a lot better - I could have removed the few bigger bubbles by waving heat over the resin and/or popping the bubbles - but this time I didn't not have time; and I was working with not so clean odds and ends.

©2015 Barry Smith - Punched silver plated and copper fragments and tiny gear in a tiny Starburst Bowl
©2015 Barry Smith - Suspended gears
©2015 Barry Smith - Layers of gears
Including pouring left over resin into a couple of handles off a tray placed on a small flat plastic lid and dropping a watch part into the resin. I love the window like look of these pieces.

©2015 Barry Smith - Windows of water
A couple of curved earring blanks turned out well - through the dirt on the tiny watch parts shows up.

©2015 Barry Smith - As if holding water and time
I will get better third time around.

A couple of photos of the light from this morning's walk.

And I was able to pack and post most of the giveaways.


  1. Beautiful results with your resin. Lovely effect with the patterned metal beneath it and gears, etc within it. Thank you again, Barry for your generous giveaway! And for sharing the gorgeous shots of your daily walks and experiments. You inspire!

  2. The resin 'thing' is working well. I so look forward to coming up to see you.


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