Friday, July 3, 2015

Recipients of giveaway and more lessons needed

©2015 Barry Smith - Off-cut from a tray for a future brooch
Thanks to all the folk who checked out the giveaway post. The people who got their comments in the first eight were:

  • Irene Mac W
  • Jac
  • Penny
  • Irene P
  • Anvil Artifacts
  • Jo M
  • Judi 
  • Annie B

If those folk can send their current mailing address to - the bits will be packed and mailed over the next week or so.

Fiona has managed to share her lurgy with me, it was quite cold outside and my word for today was gentleness - so today I decided just to do a small bit of art indoors - making a few rings from handles I had rescued from bowls.

©2015 Barry Smith - Patterned and planin handles for rings
The cutting and forming of the rings went well enough.

©2015 Barry Smith - Handles cut and worked into the round
But as you can see from the photo below - the soldering of the rings did not go well. The seam split on each when I gave them a bit of a hammer with a tiny nylon hammer to improve the roundness - so not strong enough!!!

©2015 Barry Smith - Ring forms looking the worse for wear after pickling and soldering effort
So there are more lessons required for me on the soldering front. Most likely I was just too impatient and had not cleaned the rings well enough - though I did pickle them and was them. I think I will get someone to come to our place and teach me with my gear in my setting.


  1. I'm over the moon (and it's been huge lately). You know I'm a great fan of your work, and my collection of Barry masterpieces grows. I think you should hang on to my win and I'll try to get up there later next week. Will phone first. I think I need more 'stuff' from your studio.

  2. Oh Barry and Fiona, hope you are soon on the mend. Stay warm and rested, both of you! The rings will happen - you're not one for giving up too soon, B. Go well!

  3. I have been so busy this summer I missed your blog posts and your giveaway... they all look wonderful.. next time! :-)

  4. Wishing you both speedy recovery.
    As for the soldering problem - I don't know what kind of solder you are using or how the rings looked before you used a hammer - but it seems as if your seams are very wide... the sides should actually touch before you attempt to solder... maybe that is where the problem lies... xo

  5. Hi JM, C, D & S - thanks for checking out the post and leaving a comments - much appreciated. JM - OK I will await an call re the day you are coming up. C - we are doing the best we can to recover. I won't give up on the soldering - just need to go back to basics. D - glad you are able to drop in again. S - thanks for wellness wishes. The seams were together before soldering - came apart when I was lightly hammering them to do the last adjustment on the shape. I will check out another video or two and try again. All Go well. B


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