Friday, June 10, 2016

Big Artisan Lamps completed

©2016 Barry Smith - Tripod stabiliser made from section of an aluminium gas cylinder, chrome plated brass tubing, threaded steel rod  plus nuts and domed nuts
I got a good couple of blocks of time today to complete the two big Artisan Lamps I have been making out of vintage car lights and fence palings etc etc.

I always find it intriguing when I start to being the different elements together - like the palings and brass mounting plate

©2016 Barry Smith - Marking out the brass for drilling for screws - 24 to hold the top of the tripod
©2016 Barry Smith  - Small stainless steel screws on the face plates - lovely contrast between the timber and brass and the screws give an industrial look.
And then the circles cut from the gas cylinder that acts as a spreader and stabilises the tripod.

©2016 Barry Smith  - Tripod with brass  top plate and aluminium spreader in place
©2016 Barry Smith  - I needed a spare pair of hands so the stack of books came to the rescue
But it all does come together and I end up with twin lamps - not identical twins but similar in many ways - including slight difference in width of the circle cut out of the cylinder - I had cut them for two different purposes and they have sat in the metal pile for about 18months - now is their time. It was hard to photograph these lamps because of their height.I will do a better

©2016 Barry Smith  - Twin Artisan Lamps  (1.4m high and triangle foot  400mm on each side)
©2016 Barry Smith  - Globe inside milk separator cowl inside the vintage car light housing
I have tried two different inserts for the lamps - one with just the naked globe and another approach using a piece from a milk separator as an internal reflector. I will sit with that for a while.

©2016 Barry Smith  - Naked globe inside the vintage car light housing - no milk separator cowl.
It is good to have these completed except for another light hand sanding and another coat of oil.


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