Wednesday, June 1, 2016

Books stacks on the block

©2016 Barry Smith  - Detail of the organ
I was down the back of the block doing stuff when I noticed how much the old organ and it's book stool had changed over the last 12 months.

This lead me to go around and check out the book stacks on the block. All are doing their quite transitions beautifully - changing and growing wildlife and plants - so I thought I'd share a few images.

©2016 Barry Smith  - Organ keys with leaves
©2016 Barry Smith  - Beauty of wood, key and leaves
©2016 Barry Smith  - Quiet Transition - about 5-6 years old now 
©2016 Barry Smith - Detail - Quiet Transition
©2016 Barry Smith  - Self seeded plant - orchid?
©2016 Barry Smith  - Ground orchid in front of the Book Wall
©2016 Barry Smith  - Orchid in the Book Wall
©2016 Barry Smith  - View to the back of the block over the bench seat on the terrace
©2016 Barry Smith  - Organ and bench quietly disintegrating
I do love the fact that these seats, walls and art pieces are part of our environment but are also gradually breaking down - creating a different beauty.


  1. The piano and leaves make beautiful images and I love the plants growing through the weathered books.

  2. Hi V & R - glad you checked out the transitional work - producing some delicious images. R - the plants give them a new dimension - given the paper started with plants!! Go well. B

  3. It's great to watch these transitions over the years, Barry, and I know we'll be seeing more with time. Lovely shot of the keys and leaves and how delightful that the orchids are finding homes in the books!

  4. This is so wabi sabi... letting the passage of time leave its mark...


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