Friday, June 17, 2016

Women of metal

From the title of the blog post one might think this is about women and gender equality etc. Well a couple of weeks ago Fiona and I attended a Communities in Control conference in Melbourne - you can check out the excellent lineup of speakers etc here. One of the groups promoting their role was Emily's List.  As part of their promotional material they had Rosie the Riveter socks - which were duly purchased. Rosie the Riveter says women can do it. But this blog is not directly about Rosie or gender equality - but it is about women doing metal stuff.

©2016 Barry Smith - Half the group adding resin to the silver-plated metal pendants that were cut and formed using a metal press
On Thursday I had 8 women in my garage-studio working with metal. A friend, Annie B, asked if I world do a workshop with a group she is in  - I said yes; and cleaned the studio and prepared for a day of: metal and resin, making metal bowls and forming metal leaves.

The results of the metal and resin work.

©2016 Barry Smith - Great line of metal pendants with inclusions and resin

Some hammering going on.

©2016 Barry Smith - Leaf making in action
Bowls and leaves on the bench for a final polish.

©2016 Barry Smith - Bowls and leaves needing a bit of wheel polish
©2016 Barry Smith - Six of the 8 sets looking shiny
It was a grand day and much fun was had.


  1. Barry, that looks as though you all had a wonderful time! And lovely results!


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