Wednesday, June 22, 2016

Setting moon after the rain

©2016 Barry Smith - Reflected moonlight on and through dark clouds
Sunday was a very wet day for us un the eastern seaboard of Australia - and Maleny did not miss out on the rain system. However it moved through in about 24 hours.  We went to sleep with the tail end of the rain and woke to a setting moon and the last banks of black clouds drifting to the south.

The photos were taken about 5.20am and the opportunity to take photos only lasted about 10-15 minutes before the clouds covered the moon. When they moved on the moon had set.

Many of the photos have varying amounts of dark cloud drifting over the face of the moon. The colour of the moon appears to relate to the density of the cloud; or its absence.

©2016 Barry Smith - Almost covered in a shimmer of dark cloud
©2016 Barry Smith - Patches of colour and cloud
©2016 Barry Smith - Cloud edged in moonlight
©2016 Barry Smith - Almost free of cloud
©2016 Barry Smith - About to drop behind the cloud and horizon
The setting moon shots were balanced by a brilliant moon rise Fiona pointed out to me at about 5.30pm on Monday night when she was heading into town for a Celebration of the Book meeting.

©2016 Barry Smith - Stark golden rising moon - through trees and power line
©2016 Barry Smith  - Getting higher and changing colour
©2016 Barry Smith - Free of the horizon and paler
And light in the valley on Tuesday.

©2016 Barry Smith - The valley with cloud and early morning light
Never a dull moment on the mountain if one is aware of what is on offer weatherise.


  1. What stunning shots! That last one has me sitting here, gaping with total admiration and amazement. Simply breathtaking.

  2. Wow! Your moonshots always amaze me, Barry. The first one in this post is absolutely breathtaking. Again, thank you for sharing the beauty that is your world.

  3. Love your moon shots, B! Always stunning, and as for your wide shots of the valley, just perfect!


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