Sunday, June 26, 2016

This goes with that

©2016 Barry Smith - Lock, key and hairy oak
I have been away for half the week in Melbourne doing work-work. I was to do art work yesterday but we were totally without power from 1am-7.30pm on Saturday after a big cold windstorm on Friday night (I was snug in Melbourne and Fiona and the block were lashed by wind and cold - not a lot was achieved. I took Fiona to the airport this morning sop she could fly to Rocky for her Wrapt in Rocky teaching gig. So today I have been able to spend about 6 hours finishing the leaves and making Artisan Lamps.

I got two finished; and two just need to be wired etc etc.

The title of the blog indicates  the making of my Artisan Lamps involves brings different elements together to create a new whole - you can see that is true in the following photos.

©2016 Barry Smith - A very industrial Artisan Lamp
©2016 Barry Smith - Focus on the industrial
©2016 Barry Smith - Blowtorch lamp using blowtorch from Kirkwall in the Orkneys
©2016 Barry Smith - Blowtorch lamp using blowtorch from Kirkwall in the Orkneys
©2016 Barry Smith - Locks, keys, hairy oak and gaslight fittings - cords, light fitting and globe to be added. As you can see - similar but different - siblings not identical twins
The 18 leaves have been coated, polished on the edges and recoated - so they are now ready for bagging.

©2016 Barry Smith - Lined up for last coating of 'varnish'
©2016 Barry Smith - Beautiful patina and contrasting copper highlights
©2016 Barry Smith - Six sets of leaves
I feel a bit weary - so a single malt and a fungi risotto will now complete the day.


  1. The blow torch lamp is my favourite though I would gladly find spots for all of them in my home. I love the lined up leaves on the scarred wooden work bench.

  2. those leaves all in rows make me happy. i think all that fun must have tired you out...making lamps. in college a friend made a lamp out of a muffler system (i think-or something with pipes) from his old car. needless to say it was NOT elegant and whimsical, it was instead huge, ungainly, and hideous.

  3. Barry, the lamps are wonderful! I'd love to own one or more.. And then, the leaves! Magnificent!


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