Sunday, June 12, 2016

Slim and elegant - Artisan Lamps that is

©2016 Barry Smith  - Lamp light
I found time over the weekend to finish three Artisan Lamps - one to match an earlier lamp I had made out of a solid fuel soldering iron; and two slim lamps.

The slim lamps were made from sections of two weed spray hand pumps; two round brass objects that I have no clue as to former use; vintage brass light fittings; and some of the leftover hairy oak timber.

There was a lot of drilling and cutting involved

©2016 Barry Smith  - Lots off shiny bits from drilling brass objects
©2016 Barry Smith  - Pieces unscrewed etc, drilled and cut ready for polishing
But the magic of assembling happened. after the sanding and polishing.

©2016 Barry Smith  - Waiting to be assembled
And a pair of slim elegant Artisan Lamps emerged - about 600-700mm high (including globe) on a 110mm square base .

©2016 Barry Smith  - Elegant slim Artisan Lamps
©2016 Barry Smith  - I went with long slim globes to keep the line of the lamps reaching up
©2016 Barry Smith  - Detail of the risers
©2016 Barry Smith  - Detail of the base
And a couple of photos of the finished soldering iron lamp.

©2016 Barry Smith  - Tall, strong and functional
©2016 Barry Smith  - A twin for the other soldering iron lamp
A good outcome for the weekend.


  1. Yes, undoubtedly great, I like the photo with drilling brass objects

  2. these are a nifty pair...really cool.

  3. B - stunning. And a matching pair too boot, love the sound of the Hairy Oak - the grain is stylish too!

  4. So good, B! I especially like the soldering iron lamp. I keep looking at my old soldering lamps and


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