Friday, June 24, 2016

Objects for Artisan Lamps

©2016 Barry Smith - Rusty and patinated detail of a door lock
Sometimes one of the time consuming tasks associated with making my Artisan Lamps is the selection of interesting copper, brass and rusted 'found objects'.

I'm about to start 4-6 more lamps and therefore started to select possible objects and place them on the work table so I can wander around and think about them - to see if I can add other bits to a core piece; and/or whether I can funds bases for pieces; and/or whether I can find pieces I can tap threads into .

Anyway I thought I might share a few images of what is currently on the table and will be worked on in the next few days or put back into 'stock'.

©2016 Barry Smith - Couple of interesting gas fittings
©2016 Barry Smith - Detail of gas fitting
©2016 Barry Smith - Ornate double tap gas fittings - similar but not a pair
©2016 Barry Smith - Small blowtorch
©2016 Barry Smith - Meat mincer
©2016 Barry Smith - Small (about 50cm high) brass tripod
©2016 Barry Smith - Various water plumbing fittings
©2016 Barry Smith -Wood and brass pump handles and beautifully patinated brass bits
©2016 Barry Smith - Very aged locks - could end up as bases of lamps?
I must admit some of the 'found objects' have lovely layers of history and patina on them.


  1. A lot of work ahead for you.

  2. What a treasure trove, Barry! I know I'd never be able to make anything from those wonderful patinated pieces. I'd just enjoy looking at them. In fact, I should admit that's my problem. I spend too long admiring and not enough time making!


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