Sunday, June 19, 2016


©2016 Barry Smith - Fire coloured copper - annealed leaf forms ready to be opened
I have been asked to supply some of my Artisan Lamps and larger leaves to a 'new' shop-gallery opening in the Brisbane Valley at the beginning of July. Amidst other things I have been gradually making the Artisan Lamps - so thought I should get on with a few sets of copper leaves this weekend.

I got a little time on Friday and Saturday to do the production process for 18 leaf forms that are about 200-220mm long and 60mm wide. I didn't get to finish them because of the heavy rain that started Saturday night; and because I'm doing a work-work project.

Anyway as you know the process always starts with recycling scrap metal; cutting and annealing; and pickling.

After the forms are cut and hammered there is more annealing and opening on stakes and anvil.

Polishing ready for patina solution.

The solution begins to work its magic.

Couldn't get all the photos across into the post; and couldn't put captions on - bit of trouble with blogger - must be the rain.

Because these leaves will be in groups of three for indoors they will be sprayed with a matt coating and the edges will be given a polish to let the copper shine through again. But the last stages will need to be done next week.


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