Wednesday, March 29, 2017

A few delights from the week

©2017 Barry Smith - Water, wet wood, rust and gravel - colours and contrasts
We continue in a wet weather pattern - and given the cyclone in the north and the way the resulting low is tracking I'm sure we will have a lot more. Still the rain brings out the colour and freshness in so many things; and that is balanced by grey skies and backgrounds.

The bees are still very active - they really seem to enjoy the basil blossoms.

©2017 Barry Smith - This one seems to have just started collecting again
©2017 Barry Smith - This bee seems to be full and needs to head home?
The pumpkin vines have gone crazy - growing in all directions - curling through and around the hedge at the shed, the agaves and the coffee patch.

©2017 Barry Smith _ New pumpkin and agave
©2017 Barry Smith - Fresh colour
©2017 Barry Smith - Pumpkin hiding between the book stacks
Discovered this great fungi on my walk this morning - as big as a saucer; and delicate ones or course.

©2017 Barry Smith 
©2017 Barry Smith - Like folded fine paper
The grey skies do make for soft backgrounds.

©2017 Barry Smith 
©2017 Barry Smith - Young Butcher Bird resting on a grey morning
The wet road offers a contrasting background for a fallen flower.

©2017 Barry Smith - Freshly fallen?
Rampant growth in autumn - seems a bit wrong; but I will enjoy it while it is there.


  1. Beautiful series.
    Especially the first one.

  2. I'm partial to those grey skies and soft backgrounds :) Looks like your harvest will be good for both food and inspiration.


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