Sunday, March 12, 2017

Fish finished and seven selected

©2017 Barry Smith - I love the curvy aspect of this Funky Fish (about 20-22cm long)
The weekend was a bit crowded with tasks on the block and other engagements; but I did get a spot of time on Saturday afternoon and this morning too finish assembling the last of the 10 Funky Fish.

A lot of riveting was involved as evidenced by the rather cluttered workbench.

©2017 Barry Smith - Fish with anvil and riveting tools
Still the completed fish look good after a grind and polish.

©2017 Barry Smith - The 7 fish finished over the weekend
Fiona then helped me select the seven that will make up my installation. Amongst other criteria we had to consider size, material, shape curves. I think the seven look good as a school.

©2017 Barry Smith - The Funky Fish selected for the installation
The Funky Fish will be mounted on a slab of timber - something aged, with curves, character and texture. There are a few possibilities in my wood stash including the piece below - formerly a very old fence post of the rail variety.

©2017 Barry Smith - Weathered old fence post
I have punched the holes in the fish for the brass mounting rods; but attaching rods, choosing and sanding and drilling timber will wait until next week.


  1. what a beautiful whimsy of fishes!

  2. Oooo... the fish were much larger than I originally thought. Look forward to seeing them mounted on old wood, my favorite contrast in texture!

  3. Great fish! They have so much character. Kudos.

  4. MC, VA & AA - you are such neglected visitors - thanks for your comments. MC - I love that - a "whimsy of fishes" i will use that in time. VA - quite a variety of sizes - I'm still working on what to mount them on. Whilst I and Fiona like the old decayed timber I'm not sure that would be appreciated by many. I'm trying to go for wood with texture but not out of place on the hallway table. AA - thanks - I do see them as having their own attitude and character. All - go well and create well. B


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