Sunday, March 5, 2017

Melbourne and metal

A few images from looking up and looking down in Melbourne; and then a little more on metal.

The Melbourne photos come from a recent work-work trip - not a lot of time for relaxing or being a tourist; but still one can enjoy some texture and colour just walking from one place to another.

Looking down - thick glass tile light wells in the footpath. The glass tiles set in these light wells must be at least 25-30mm thick. Many have been replaced over time. It could be quite magical to be under the footpath and have filtered light coming through fractured glass.

©2017 Barry Smith - Layers and layers of history in footpath light wells
©2017 Barry Smith - Layers and layers of history in footpath light wells
©2017 Barry Smith - Fractured light?
©2017 Barry Smith - Night light from below
Inspiration on the wall...

Yes there is blue sky up there....

Today I have cut another 140+ silver-plated blanks for my peace leaf project. So I now have about 220+ blanks - so I can start making the 210 peace leaves for International Peace Day on 21 September.

©2017 Barry Smith - Silver-plated EPNS - layers of history and neglect - but it will become beautiful and carry a positive message
©2017 Barry Smith - Over 210 silver-plated blanks  (about 2-2.2cm wide and 9 cm long)for peace leaves - cut from discarded small sandwich/biscuit trays
©2017 Barry Smith - The first peace leaf in the rough - only 209 to go
I did also cut all the metal for the tails and fins of my funky fish project - but didn't take any photos so I will share that as the funky fish progress.

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