Wednesday, March 8, 2017

Signs of autumn

©2017 Barry Smith - Petals and leaves
This morning I was very conscious that the season has changed - the morning was filled with an autumn feel - the colours were strong and yet muted by their backgrounds; and the carpets of leaves and petals told their story.

The day began with a startling yet somber sunrise.

©2017 Barry Smith  - Sunrise with silhouettes
The walk across the front yard showed that the bees were still hard at work creating their stores for winter.

©2017 Barry Smith - At work
©2017 Barry Smith  - On the way to work
Fungi on wood had dried in gorgeous colour

©2017 Barry Smith 
The leaves and petals created intricate shapes, layers and carpets.

©2017 Barry Smith 
©2017 Barry Smith 
©2017 Barry Smith - Green shoot with leaf
Tree haven Way revealed brilliant colours of the remaining flowers of summer contrasting against leaf litter

©2017 Barry Smith  - Beautiful greens, pinks and yellows floating above the leaf litter
©2017 Barry Smith  - White and yellow perfection with leaf litter background
©2017 Barry Smith 
And a micro flower petal swings suspended by micro cobweb against a muted dark background

©2017 Barry Smith 
A canopy of pink against a grey sky

©2017 Barry Smith 
Every season a delight.


  1. It always awes me when the seasons in Australia tip in the opposite direction from those in the US. I truly appreciate your photography, which makes the beauty in your world so accessible. Perhaps a companion post is in order (which gives me a perfect excuse to tarry on the floodplain).

  2. Beautiful signs of autumn there, signs of spring here - mud!

  3. The micro flower, fringed petals, an earth flag...autumn is my favorite season, crisp air, showers of turning leaves. Born in September, autumn always signals the start of a new year for me, not January.

  4. So beautiful, Barry! Thank you for sharing. The colors of the purple petals against the fallen foliage is an amazing effect.

  5. With each new post, I am repeatedly astounded at the beauty of your photographs!
    Thank you for sharing them.

    Question: are most photos made with the Canon or iPhone?

    Sandra Hardee
    South Carolina coast, USA

  6. LA, VA, M, AA & SH - I'm ashamed that you left your comments so long ago and I have only now got around to acknowledging your visit. Acknowledging comments is important to me - I think it is part of the reciprocity of the blog community - part of the relationship and community. Anyway enough of a rave. Thanks. LA - the blog sharing has made me so much more aware of the seasonal experiences ofd others - I love that. VA - glad you are slowly emerging from all that snow - beautiful but cold. M - interesting - the seasons as marked by your personal journey - I like that. AA - such a deep purple - just so many beautiful fragments. JH - glad you have visited and commented and shared. Most often the photos are taken with the iPhone - occasionally with the Canon e.g. moon. All may we continue to be astounded by nature.B


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